Worst year 2020

The worst year 2020 is indeed true. In 2020 people lived in a box as this was a turbulent year. Many bad things happened this year that cannot be forgotten quite easily.

Coronavirus (Worst year 2020)

Coronavirus revealed its deadliest nature by taking the lives of around 1.9 million people all around the globe. This virus hit the world without mercy. This virus out braked from Wuhan city of china and became pandemic. WHO declared it as a medical emergency worldwide creating an alarming and heartbreaking situation for everyone.
This virus made people more skeptical about life and people practiced social distancing as standard operating procedures.

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Lockdown (Worst year 2020)

Lockdown was imposed from march till December 2020. During this lockdown, 60% of the businesses were closed. Schools, offices, rest rants, and cinemas were closed. Olympics were postponed. Many sports were canceled. All the world was literally having all the free time.
People learned new skills during that lockdown and remembered their creator. Places that used to be crowded turned to the loneliest places. People who were the busiest were having all the time of their life.

Deaths (Worst year 2020)

Many epic personalities died including basketball hero Kobe Bryant and the whole world mourned his passing. Famous Bollywood celebrities Irfan khan rishi Kapoor miss Saroj khan and Sushant Singh Rajput passed away leaving the world in tears. Their sudden demise broke the heart of many.
Famous Pakistan television host Mr.Tariq Aziz passed away. Comedian Amanullah khan left us this year. Islamic scholar khadim Rizvi left us in tears. Syed Ghulam e abbas Jafri who was a writer, poet, religious scholar, and researcher left this temporary world in 2020.

Unemployment (Worst year 2020)

Unemployment saw the doors opened and smashed the world brutally in the highest numbers ever recorded. From 2019 to 2020 Pakistan’s GDP growth was recorded -0.39%. during the lockdown, 10 million people were left jobless. Online marketing took its place leaving many people jobless. People started facing hunger and starvation due to lockdown.

Wildfire (Worst year 2020)

Wildfire hit Australia and damaged 1.4 million acres pulling koalas near extinction. Many animals were homeless and burnt. Good-hearted people adopted animals and took great care of them. Organizations from all around the globe gathered to help out wildlife in Australia. People helped with money and food.

Beirut explosion (Worst year 2020)

In August 2020 Beirut(capital of Lebanon) catastrophic explosion took the lives of 204 people mercilessly leaving its deadliest impacts on the fragile economy of the country. 2 lakh people lost their houses and 15 billion dollars worth of property was damaged.

George Floyd (Worst year 2020)

In the year 2020 police brutality was witnessed when a police officer knelt on George Floyd’s neck for more than 8 minutes. Protests were held against this inhumane act and the whole world was terrified due to this.

Plane crash (Worst year 2020)

On 22 May, Karachi a plane crashed taking the lives of 91 passengers, 8 crew members, and 1 person on the ground. Only two passengers survived and this crash was due to human error and shook people from inside.

Locust attack (Worst year 2020)

In the same year, India and Pakistan witnessed the largest locust attack of the last 70 years.

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