Why are we obsessed with Gora rang!

Why are we obsessed with Gora rang!

“Features to tumharay bht achay hen lkin rang zra saaf hota to tum bht pyaare lagti”

“Chai na piyo warna kaali hojao gi”

Why are we obsessed with Gora rang! These and many other idiotic, brainless, and silly remarks are smashed on people with relatively tanned skin tone by regressive and conservative people around. Our common perception is that tan skin tone is ugly. Tan skinned people are tired of crashing their skin with idiotic fairness creams.

Boys are told that girls having fair skin are desirable candidates for marriage. It’s the 21st century but sadly our general standard of beauty revolves around having a fair skin tone. According to us:

 “Anything is better than dark and dusky”

Having a fair skin tone with European features is considered a privilege.

Jaw-dropping facts (Why are we obsessed with Gora rang!)

In foreign countries, ladies visit Tanning salons just to get a tan skin tone. Honestly, this jarring and surprising fact tells us how twisted this world can be. Not surprisingly researches reveal that the most trustworthy brand for skin fairness is “FAIR AND LOVELY”. This “top racist” cream is the most trusted selling brand and shows ads that convince you that your degree, skill, and competency are of no value as long as you are tan-skinned but after applying our stupid moronic cream you will get instant experience and skill which is required for a desirable life.

Seems like the fair color is a license of moral and intellectual qualities. Our matrimonial ads are also part of this scam. Mobile filters are playing their vital part in the promotion of colorism in Asia. These applications have flushed their logic.

It seems like before making advertisements for fairness creams the creators throw logic out of the window. How naïve can we be if we don’t realize that the cosmetic industry and entertainment industry have a very strong partnership and they are enjoying billions of dollars just by marketing our fears?

Obsessed with Gora rang (Colorism) is in our blood. The irony of the situation is that even a kid would know that the class teacher will select a fair girl to play the role of an angel and a tan-skinned girl to play the role of the evil spirit. It is here where colorism starts in a kid’s life.

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Science behind Coloration (Why are we obsessed with Gora rang!)

(Why are we obsessed with Gora rang!) Every person’s color tells a tale about their adaptability and variation. It is the coloring pigment MELANIN that decides our skin tone. More melanin as a result of prolonged sun exposure will cause tan coloration that will protect us from melanoma [skin cancer], tan-skinned people have fewer chances of catching skin cancer than white people. When light strikes human skin rhodopsin [light sensitive pigment] activates melanin which gives tan coloration to the skin. So next time a racist remark hits you, confront them by saying that

“You are just jealous as I am protected more from UV rays”

“Skin may ABSORB light but it does not REFLECT character”

Every skin color should be celebrated as it signifies the body’s ability to mutate and adapt to environments.

“Light chli gae hay. We can’t see it. Oh you are here all thanks to your teeth”

“Your bro is fairer how comes that you guys are siblings”

History (Why are we obsessed with Gora rang!)

About 50,000 years ago our ancestors migrated towards the north and started living there. North was the area with maximum sun saturation. Sun-damaged their DNA and they got fatal cancer of skin called MELANOMA. To protect them from hazardous UV rays nature favored them by increasing melanin production which protected them from extra sunlight. Their tan coloration protected them from melanoma. This vital adaptation was very necessary.

After years our ancestors moved away from the north where the sun exposure was very less, people started catching various diseases like rickets and osteomalacia [disease due to less sun exposure] as their melanin-rich skin hindered sunlight absorption. As an adaptation melanin production in those individuals decreased to protect them from rickets. Their skin coloration turned to light as adaptability. So, Skin coloration is our body’s response to various sun saturations. Every color tells a unique tale about the history and it should be celebrated at all costs. After understanding the science of skin coloration we can sense how idiotic and mentally sick people sound when they pass a racist comment.

Major problems (Why are we obsessed with Gora rang!)

Our ads glorify people obsessed with gora rang while convincing us that tan skin tone will bear all the humiliation. Our so-called celebrities claim that every shade is beautiful but at the same time they being hypocrites endorse fairness creams commercials. They sell their opinions just for some royalty. They should realize that:

“What people see online really affects their life offline”

Either they stop endorsing skin lightening products or stop posting that every shade is beautiful. The problem lies in our movies and songs as well. Many songs like “CHITTIYAN KALAIYAN” reveal the real face of our society. If you have white wrists then you are beautiful otherwise buy our idiotic creams to change your skin coloration.

Conclusion (Why are we obsessed with Gora rang!)

The urgency is to accept every shade and size. We are all beautiful in our shapes. No one should be judged based on their skin tone but their talents and core capacities. Let’s write our own fairy tales in which a fair-toned one doesn’t need to be the fairy every time.

“Don’t look for people who are fair, look for people who treat others fairly”

Stop slapping your face with fairness creams and thank god that you have a beautiful skin tone. Our initial step towards ending colorism in Asia will be the acceptance of our original skin shade. Once we are comfortable with our skin tone half of the problems will be solved right there.

“Beauty is, being comfortable in your own skin tone”

Colorism is a curse and we should get rid of it as soon as possible. I wish colorism had not existed so people had not listened to consolidated craps and tricks to get fairer.

“We are not bad! We are just born in a judgmental society” [BTS]


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  1. Yupp super perfect content
    Plus nothing can beat the beauty of tanned skin❤️ nd one should be thankful to creator whatever his skin colour is

  2. A very informative and striking article about reality of the society.💯👍
    This is superb! keep up the good work!💖

  3. Exactly Right !!!!!!
    “”Beauty is not in the face, it’s a light in the heart ❤️””
    Above article is a real story occuring in our society unfortunately 😔So, it’s a great article for all that!! and ALHUMDULILLAH for everything!!!
    This is also best because…after reading I remember ALLAH & also Thanked HIM for the beauty which HE puts in our HEARTS!!!

  4. Exactly right!!!

    Above the article is reality of our lives in our society 😔😔it’s a great article
    Keep it up 💖💖💖

  5. OMG!!! you just have shed light over most important and sensitive topic..
    Beyond words how beautifully you explained the traumatic and depressive thinking of people regarding tanned skin..
    Actually it’s the bitter fact of some under developed nations including Pakistan where mostly Moms of boys use to pass such remarks upon talented, smart, creative and beautifully born creatures (Girls).
    More power to you Rajia Tariq💞

  6. Mirror of our society’s mindset …
    We should always remember that ALLAH has created in The Perfect form & shape❤

  7. You really create magic with your words.btw topic selection is beyond words .you always beautify with splendid topics.

  8. this ” kali lagon ge ” is just like a stigma in our society … Topic is fabulous , we can say its need of the our

  9. Beshaak😍Allah is the best creator
    We sould always remember that Allah has create us with our own beauty.
    Beauty is not in skin tone we have, it is in our heart.
    Good work👍.Keep it up👌

  10. Every skin color has its own fair share of pros and cons, its just about what we prioritise. And in the very sick society of ours white skin color has the privilege over all the others.
    Nothing else to say, this article has quoted all my thoughts.♥️

  11. I’m speechless. I mean how beautifully each and every bitter truth if society is modified in words. Irrespective of why boys need a girl of fair complexion, we need to know why even girls give so favouritism to fair complexion. Talking to her is the secondary thing, first they look at her complexion and MashaAllah judge everything even without talking to her.
    Great work❣keep it up

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