Types of Singles on Valentine’s Day

Types of Singles on Valentine’s Day are not a very good combination for everyone. The majority of the teenagers are singles while others are busy in babu Shona (love affairs) and all. Here are singles and their point of view about valentine’s day.

Anti valentine day

Anti valentine day singles are copious. They simply don’t like the concept of dating and loving on a specific day.

Ye valentine day bakwaas hay phly babu Shona phir Rona dhona (all this is crap everyone will be betrayed).

Ye bikk Gayi hay generation ye sab mil kar hamko paagal bana rahay hen Pyaar kay bachay ab Pyaar main Kuch nahi hay (this generation Is at lost they are making fool of us desperate lovers. There is no such thing love is a delusion).

They simply can’t digest that people of their age are having fun and shoulder to cry on. They believe valentine’s day main bas Ek Insan ka bhala hay wo hay phol bechnay wala(only one person gets benefits of valentine’s day the flower seller). Yes, they are right to some extent. In reality, these are the girls who bro zone every dude on this planet.

Happy singles

Happy singles are the most content creatures. They are I don’t need a person to complete my type. They are called sakht launda(own attitude) as they love Zakir khan’s content. They are actual Zakir khan fans. They are seedhi bat no bakwas (cut the crap)type. They believe that people who celebrate valentine’s day are jobless and lack real jobs.

Their valets are full as no one is there to spend their money on useless items.

Bae mery say nahi hota kay khana kha kar text Karo Ghar pohanch kar text Karo 3 bajay online q ho call q nahi pick ki mery offline hony kay 3-second bad offline q hoi

(I can’t deal with texts regarding your location, online status and why you were online after I got offline type crap). For them, it’s an all-time waste.

Cry babies (Types of Singles on Valentine’s Day)

Crybabies have their place. They are always crying about how lonely they are and how desperately single they feel.

Maybe I am not good enough maybe I am more caring that’s why I am single are their constant moods.

Yar rest rants main jaon to waiter mje solo table par bitha deta hay usko bhi pata hay ye akela hi hay(even waiter makes me sit on solo tables perhaps he knows how single I am). These boys’ ears are loaded with I love you but as a friend.

They get jealous when they see couples. Increasing numbers of couples bother them their complaints are valid café waly uncle biryani ki plate main 2 spoons rakh kar dety hen inko q lagta hay k sab mingle hen akely Insan ki qadar nahi kisi ko

(even waiters serve biryani with 2 spoons cant they think that singles do exist). Sbka seen hay bas ham hi maskeen hen(we are the only singles).

Self lovers/narcissists (Types of Singles on Valentine’s Day)

Self lovers/narcissists have their swag. I am gonna date someone who can be better than me. When someone says I love you they reply with I also love myself we have so much in common we are like brothers and sisters and that’s how they reject boys. I don’t have to pick anyone’s emotional baggage and I am not a shoulder to cry on.

When do people ask them what is a queen without a king? they have a very befitting reply to that “still a queen dude.”

They give relationship advice and when people ask them how can you advise us when they are single they have a hysteric reply to this coaches never play. They friend zone every boy who tries to approach her.

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Recent breakups (Types of Singles on Valentine’s Day)

People who have faced recent breakups are the most hurt creatures. Their ultimate slogan is pyar wyar sab dhoka hay(love is a lie).

When auto wala asks them apko Kahan chorna hay (where to drop you) they are so frustrated that they reply array tu kya choray gam Je main the Chorti hoon(how dare you to leave me I am leaving you now).

Researchers say that they are still figuring out why girls reply K on boys long texts should boy read this K as potassium or okay? This is debatable.

Some girls say boys should be caring, handsome, rich, and intelligent while boys are very easy going they only want a girl. Boys are single by naseeb(fate) while girls are single by choice. Love does not demand specific days it’s always there when feelings are true.

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