Types of shoppers

Types of shoppers are countless. Nowadays in shopping malls and other purchasing stores, we witness various kinds of humans. No matter you are in luxurious malls or local shops some kinds of shoppers can be seen everywhere.

Kanjoos mothers (stingy mothers)

You can see mothers compelling their kids to buy oversized clothes by saying very cliché things like: “Thora sa hi bara hay. Is saal tangi hogi agly saal to poora hoga. Phr tera chota bhai bhi yahi pehn lay ga” (it’s not oversized. It will fit you in the coming year. Next year your younger brother can wear this too. At this moment the miserable and gloomy face of the kid says it all but desi mothers don’t feel pity for them.

Mothers think of bargaining as their ultimate reason for living. They shed tears and sweat to get discounts. They come up with versatile ideas like “sath wali dukaan say to sasta mil rha tha. lekin hamny sirf apki dukaan Say lena hay aap kay roz kay gaahak hen munasib qeemat lgaen” the shop nearby is offering at low prices but we want to buy from here we are your daily customers please make the price low. In such situations, the face of their kid says it all as he knows that it is their first time in this shop and he stares at his shoes or walls just to give an impression that he is not related to that lady.

Window shoppers (Types of shoppers)

There is always a lost child in Malls who is not able to tell his parent’s names but his Parents manage to lose him. The majority of the people are window shoppers. They touch and feel everything like connoisseurs. They make owners feel that they are going to buy everything but end up buying nothing at all. These people are the least favorite of owners.

Sales kay dewaany (sale lovers)

Some are ultimate sale lovers and they wait patiently for their favorite accessories to be on sale. When the sale is where they try their level best to grab their stuff. Sales are actually the biggest scam and some smart heads don’t fall in these set traps.

Clumsy ones (Types of shoppers)

Some are clumsy and they end up dropping their stuff. They struggle to hold their stuff but manage to drop others’ stuff by colliding with them most awkwardly and embarrassingly possible. Their life has more struggle than Ananya Panday.

Freeloaders (Types of shoppers)

Some are freeloaders as they try every fruit will give the impression that they are here to buy the whole store. Some try perfumes and spray on their bodies with full generosity. They leave the shop blaming every stuff just to give the impression that they are not a bougie person.

Influencers in malls and shopaholics

Some influencers can also be seen who are in malls for the sole purpose of taking selfies in every outfit possible. They end up buying nothing as their purpose of bragging via selfies is done by trying every cloth in try rooms. Some competitive girls can also be seen saying “is kapray par meri Nazar pehlay pari hay aur ye mera hay” I laid my eyes first on this cloth so this is obviously mine. They end up fighting and it continues.

Muft mashwaray (unasked opinions)

We can easily find elder people advising everyone in the store to buy certain kinds of clothes. They can be found saying” ye lay iski quality bohat level hay terry Bhai nay Bhi Liya hay. Ye blue shirt chor black main kya lagay ga to Bhai”(buy this one its quality is better. Leave this blue shirt instead buy a black one you are ganna look superb) well, nobody asked for their opinion on the first place but they think that their opinion and free advice are what that keeps the customers coming.

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  1. Oh my God!!!!!
    Ufffff my Mum and khala use to do aaaaaalllll these things and sometimes they craete such an embarrassing situation that we can’t get over it😂😂😂😂😂
    You’re the real observer and the girl who can put thoughts into beautiful words for the best illustration of situation💞💞💞

  2. Hahahahaha your observations are so on point. I’m shopping a lover and don’t want to just see the things and put them on their place and move on. Secondly and I don’t wait for sales as I’ve nothing to do with them😅😅Abba ka paisa ayesh kro type of person, but yes I do bargaining ✌

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