Types of foodies/eaters in 2020

Types of foodies/eaters in 2020 are copious. Some live to eat while others eat to live. Regarding food, people are of varying opinions.

Speaker’s (Types of foodies/eaters in 2020)

Speaker’s ultimate goal is to chew aloud. They make inhumane sounds while eating. Eating with your mouth wide open so you can easily locate their “Halak ka kawa”(uvula). They mostly start with “keraachi main barish ae Matlab tbaahi layi. Gormint Bikki hui hay ye kch Nahi Karen gay keraachi ka”(rain in Karachi is followed by troubles. government is sold they will not do any good for Karachi). They burp and pass offensive gas making the environment more awkward. Their thundering and ear-splitting voice is the notorious source of major discomfort.

Influencers (Types of foodies/eaters in [2020])

Influencers types of foodies or Instagram user’s ultimate goal is to post their food pics. They click pictures of their food from every possible angle. Aunties are spotted saying” ay ki baandraan wayang puthay seedhay ho kay roti nu zaleel Karan Lagi ayy. Es pyoo di tsveer naa vi kheechi tay hazam hoo jay ga”(why is she torturing tortilla. Food is palatable even without photo sessions). They are conscious about their calorie intake are seen complaining about unmeshed potatoes. “adrak kon daalta hay pizza main”(who likes ginger in pizza) is their next complaint.

Weird (Types of foodies/eaters in 2020)

Weird types of foodies are numerous. They make people puke by adding ketchup in coke and biryani. They are clumsy enough to drop every item from their shawarma. Eating food with hands while it seems like eating is not limited to mouth for them as they compel their whole body to participate in it. “yaar dekh Kar khaa saare shirt gandi Kar li hay “(be careful you have destroyed your shirt) is the common thing said to them. “yaar biryani main ketchup na daal ye toheen hay”(dude don’t add ketchup in biryani it’s a sin). But they care less.

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Street lovers (Types of foodies/eaters in [2020])

Street food lovers have their own swag. “uncle zyaada teekha Kar deen”(sir make it spicier) said a girl who was exhaling sharply due to unbearable spice in her gol gappa. Her quest for more spicy gol gappa even made the seller suspicious about her spice obsession. After eating a full plate she looked at the second plate saying” ALLAH ki Kasam aj to akhatam hay”(by god this is your last day).

For street lovers, unhygienic and filthy food is more mouthwatering as it contains uncle kay ZAIKAY. By the way, those ZAIKAY are created by uncle’s unwashed hands with his paseena dripping on food and this whole blend is enough to bring water into the buyer’s mouth. Gutter water is used to wash dishes but people close their eyes to cherish taste.

24/7 hungry

24/7 hungry are quite a few. “roti khwaa”(buy us food) is their commonly used line. Doesn’t matter you got a new job or you won the match their sentence will remain the same. They literally live to eat. They have food dreams. At his friend, relative funeral Aslam(24/7 hungry)was found saying ”yaar ajj roti khwaa”(dude let’s have a food party) while people with teary eyes started staring at him and he was judged so badly. He was embarrassed. Their stomach deserves a standing ovation for its digesting capacities.

They are food lovers to such an extent that even canteen wala’s have their order mesmerized. They say no to food sharing. “yaar Ek chips hi lea hay tera pitta to nahi lay lea”(I have taken one chip, not your spleen) said Aslam’s friend as Aslam was gazing at him furiously for picking one chip from his plate. Aslam wanted to get himself lost in the Bermuda triangle so no one will be there to take bites from his food.

Pizza addicts’ (Types of foodies/eaters in 2020)

Pizza addicts‘ types of foodies are countless. Others day start with roti khwaa while their day starts and end with pizza khwaa. Their mothers are found saying” pizza khaa khaa kay pizza ban Gaya ay. Na EDI Sehat Rahi na shakal Jaan maari Kar gay mar Jaana pizza”(he has become pizza by eating pizza every time. No health and strength all abuses to pizza). Either they are depressed or happy pizza is the ultimate savior. No scale has ever been developed to measure their love for pizza.

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  1. Very interesting and comical.😄
    M of weird type😂. Hr cheez m ketchup.N also dropping every item of shawarma and burger 😂😂😂

  2. Haha luv ur content. 👍❤️
    Pizza part is my fav n I’m the pizza addict too and an influencer 😂❤️

  3. I’m not foody one but u can say I belong to another type😜I.e KHANI HR CHEEZ HA PR SARI NH😂btw liked ur effort👍

  4. I’m street food lover damn, as well as I’m 24/7 hungry type😅😅But I’m not “roti khawaa” type instead I say “chal kuch khany chlty”😀 overall article ki fun reading. Keep it up

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