Types of Ertugrul watchers in covid-19

Types of ertugrul watchers in covid-19 are copious. Ertugrul is based on the life of Turk leaders who founded the ottoman empire and it unveils the bravery of Muslims who fought against invaders in the best way possible. It will be no lie if we tell you that this drama is one of the most viewed and loved ones till now. Pakistani’s are addicted to this splendid drama. People watching it are innumerable. Here are a few discussed.

Copy cats (Types of Ertugrul watchers in covid-19)

Copy cats are extremely obsessed with this drama. They are the ones who have changed their names from Aslam to ertugrul real quick. “ye 10 Rupay lo aur mje ertugrul bola Karo”(take these ten rupees and start calling me ertugrul). They dress like ertugrul and are dying to buy swords. They are always thinking that Mongols are going to attack at any time so they keep their swords sharp.

Haleema lovers(Types of Ertugrul watchers in covid-19)

Pakistani boys are head over heals in love with haleema. On Pakistani roads, boys are seen claiming”haleema Teri bhabhi hay”(haleema is your sister-in-law). Some clean shave “burgers” are dying to marry haleema and they are ready to serve her with their handmade tea remember here, these boys don’t even bother to drink water by themselves but for haleema, every sacrifice can be made.

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Spoiler givers (Types of Ertugrul watchers in covid-19)

Spoiler givers are the most annoying creatures on planet earth. Mostly they are speedy and have watched complete seasons so they think of dispersing spoilers as their utmost goal in life. they would say”noorgul ko zehar day den gay”(noorgul will be served poison) thus destroying the whole season for you. When you request them not to give spoilers they come up with bizarre and idiotic logics like” isiliye btaaya taa kay emotional scene dekh Kar tumhen Kuch ho na jaye(I told you just to save you from emotional trauma).

Emotional freaks (Types of Ertugrul watchers in covid-19)

Emotional freaks are numerous. They are the ones giving on-screen advice to ertugrul like” yaar talwar say maar in saleebiyon ki Jaan lay lay”(dude kill these Mongols with sword). Boys are impatient to apply for a turkey visa as they assume that haleema will propose them in turkey Alas. Girls have developed attitudes after setting ertugrul’s picture as their whats app profile picture.

Night owls (Types of Ertugrul watchers in covid-19)

Night owls are called so because they stay late at night watching ertugrul. Their dark circles compelled their parents to say”pata nahi konsay nashay Karta hay ankhen Andar dhans gae hen pata nahi konsi larkiyon say Raat bhar phone par lga rehta hay”(no idea which weed he consumes eyes have sunken don’t know to whom he is in contact with). Their sleep cycle is miserable and their posture has worsened.


Storytellers are of the viewpoint that everyone should watch ertugrul and fulfill their dreams they literally narrate the whole season to others when others did not even ask them to do so. They are the living promotions of ertugrul and they will shed their blood and sweat to defend ertugrul in any debate.
These folks have renewed their dowry demands as they are no longer interested in automatic cars and other stuff. They zealously say” jahez kay Naam par 40 tandrust ghoray 20 Tez dhaar talwaaren aur mewa jaat chaahyen bass”(we demand nothing but 40 healthy horses, 20 sharp swords, and dry fruits as dowry).

Weak hearted lovers (Types of Ertugrul watchers in covid-19)

Weak hearted lovers literally weep when something bad happens with ertugrul. They shed tears watching Mongols making evil strategies to conquer the ottoman empire. Their faces are gloomy, eyes are filled with tears and hands are busy wiping those never ending tears every time. They scream every time “ertugrul in salebiyon say khud ko Bachao”(ertugrul save yourself from these invaders) every time they witness an attack.
Elders are advising youngsters to watch this drama so they may learn good things from their brave ancestors. This drama has broken several records internationally and its magic has not dimmed yet. Its awesome storytelling and worth praising cinematography have dropped jaws all around the globe.

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