Things that happen only in winters

Things that happen only in winters. We came across various kinds of people in winters. Some love winters while other hate winters. Winter in Pakistan is such a blessing as it hardly lasts for three months.

Bath (Things that happen only in winters)

Taking bath in winter is really torturous. When cold water touches your body a spine-chilling sensation makes you repent the decision of taking bath/shower. Balancing hot and cold water is an art and not everyone is an artist. No scale in this world was ever discovered to measure a mother’s joy when her kid takes bath. Bathing in winters is really applauded.

Relationships (Things that happen only in winters)

Relationships in winter take new turns. People who go chatt par (upstairs) or in streets just to talk to their babu Shona in winters really deserve standing ovation and plots in Bahria Town. Boys who offer jackets to girls in winters are real superheroes and girls should understand k mard ko dard bhalay nahi Hota par Sardi lagti hay (boys do feel cold).

Bhai boht Sardi hay please bike tu Chala lay main pechay bethon ga (bro it’s cold can you please drive the bike I will sit behind) and those who agree to drive bike while you sit behind are the most loyal. Yaar thand boht hay type nahi horha voice notes hi bhejun gi (it’s so cold I can’t type I will send you voice notes) this is a relatable situation for many.

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Annoying people (Things that happen only in winters)

People who touch you with cold hands are the most annoying people and those whose cold feet touch yours under a blanket should be banned. When someone accidentally turns on the fan whole house looks at him as he has committed some inexcusable sin. Some accidentally remember their nahinjaar Mehboob(unloyal beloved) in December and post cringe-worthy poetry which annoys others. About them, people rightfully say loo g aagya December ab inki saree hui ghatyaa shaeri shuru(December is here now their stupid poetry will start).

Yar ye logon ko December main q PTA lagta hay kay un kay sath dhoka Hua hay(why everyone realizes in December only that he was cheated on). Older people will put in double jackets and spend a whole day in front of heaters but they don’t forget to mention ay v ki Sardi ay saaday zmaany ch Sardi hundi c ajkal tay mazaak ay( these are only joking winters were tough in our times only).

Blessing (Things that happen only in winters)

Joys knew no bounds when aanday garam aanday(boiled eggs) sound hits your ears. Especially peanuts and tea are great blessings of winters. Brothers who go out to buy dahi dhania(yogurt and coriander) in winters where everyone else prefers starvation over leaving the warm blanket are real blessings. Landay kay kapray are also saviors/blessing.

Mysteries (Things that happen only in winters)

There are a lot of mysteries about winters like a boy rightfully said Dunya main esi thand nahi bani jo shadi main jati hui orat ko shawl pehna sakay(winters cannot force a dressed-up woman to put a shawl on her clothes). A woman dressed up to attend weddings cannot feel cold as their cold receptors were not found by birth. Sardi aur besti jitni mehsoos Karo utni lagti hay (cold and insult depend on how you respond to them) this is a mystery as no one knows the answer.

Smokers (Things that happen only in winters)

Smokers say yar cigarette day chai kay sath maza aa Jae ga(serve me tea with cigarettes it will be hell fun). Boys can relate to such things. Boys who keep their bikes behind large buses so to avoid cold air are really genius.


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