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Things skinny people get to hear [1]

Things skinny people get to hear [1]

Things skinny people get to hear are mostly judgments. People love to pass comments to entertain their surroundings.

Judgments (Things skinny people get to hear)

When you are skinny get ready to hear a bunch of stupid things or kind of judgments. People make you insecure about your physique by using very cliché lines like array isko khaany peenay ko nahi dety. Insan hay ya lakri itnaaaaaa patla yaar (don’t you give him anything to eat. Is he even human. Damn so much thin). Relatively chubby people love to mock you by adding yaar iski wrist to dekh itni kamzor o Bhai khaya Piya Kar Jaan bana (dude just look at his wrist so thin dude you seriously need to eat more).

Mindset (Things skinny people get to hear)

People have a different mindset on any issue. When a skinny dude starts to eat more food due to peer pressure he is mocked by saying yaar Itna khata hay Jata kidhar hay(you eat so much where does it go). Mostly fat people are jealous and they show their jealousy by pointing out yaar hamen to Hawa Bhi lagti hay Thora sa Kuch khaa len wazn barh jata hay itni strict diet krty hen aur tery mazay hen jo b hi khaa koi fikr hui nahi (we gain weight even after strict diets but you can eat whatever you desire to eat this is so unfair).

When you are skinny road trips are nightmares because people don’t offer you a seat instead they say tu patli hay Aaja meri goad main Aaja (you are thin come sit in my lap) and when you sit in their lap they start complaining yar Teri haddiyan chubh Rahi hen muje (dude your bones are prickling). They call you hanger as they think clothes are hanging on you.

Muft mashwaray(unasked opinions)

People think that it is their lofe goal to make you chubby. They come up with bizarre ideas like Roz 2 chamach Haldi aur Kayley ka juice adrak kay sath pees Kar Gali kay kuttay ko khila 2 din main result aega (use 2 teaspoons of turmeric and Banana shake with ginger start giving it to your street dog results are confirmed). U cannot cringe at this stupid idea enough. A bunch of other cringe-worthy ideas is presented to cure your sookha sharer (thin body). People always use to give muft mashwaray.

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Tu body bana yar larkiyon ko machis larkay pasand nahi hoty teeli jesa jism hay tera (dude start bodybuilding girls don’t like slim dudes. You have matchstick like body). While girls are blackmailed by saying tu doctor ko dikhaa laheen koi bemari to the nahi khaa rahi (see a doctor maybe you are suffering from some disease). Like dude I am just thin not diseased why can’t you all accept that. People always blackmail skinny ones.

Titles (Things skinny people get to hear)

Titles assigning is our favorite hobby. We love to call skinny people teeli, dhaancha, khambaa, haddi, hanger(match stick, skeleton, bone, tower, and hanger). People think that it is their life purpose to make others insecure about their physique.

Actual problems

People mock you is still bearable but actual problems start when no bracelets and watches fit your thin wrists. When friends gift you these items you have to visit the shop to modify these items to wear these. Your favorite dresses are often not available in your size. People judge you when you start going to the gym or yoga by saying yar tu kitni to slim hay yoga Jaa kay kya Karna hay(you are already slim you don’t need yoga). People have assumed that yoga or gym is for weight loss while in reality, these are to keep you fit. People don’t focus on the actual problems.


Perks are there when you are skinny. You can eat anything you want. There is absolutely no fear of getting out of shape or fat. When you eat junk food your friends say yar tu pizza khaati hay Phir Bhi kamzor hay (dude you eat pizza how can you be so slim). You can fit in tiny places and hide anywhere.

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