Things only Pakistani can relate 2020

There are many things only Pakistani can relate to. Every Pakistani has heard these things at some point in his/her life.

Dp main aap ho (Things only Pakistani can relate)

Almost every Pakistani girl has heard this question on social media multiple times asking kya DP main aap ho (are you in the display picture). Boys are more curious and desperate about the person in girl’s dp than the corona suspected patient waiting for his corona reports.

There are many other questions boys ask online on various social media platforms like kya ye aap kay Asli Baal hen (are these your natural hair).  They also come up with ye picture filter wali hay ya bger filter kay (is this pic filtered or original). Researchers are struggling to make special scales for the sole purpose of measuring curiosity and desperation levels in these questions.

Over possessive choochay (Things only Pakistani can relate)

Over possessive choochay/a (extreme possessive dudes) was found saying to his girl aap abaya Kiya Karo ap ko mery alawa koi Dekho to Mera Khoon kholta hay dimaag ki sharyaanen Phatt jati hen (start doing hijab. Others stance on you kills me and my cranial nerves start exploding). These dudes think that girl is his pyoo da maal (father’s property). These boys are now in relationships and are insecure about everything.

Tum Kisi larkay says bat nahi Karo (don’t talk to boys) is their constant mood. They cage girls but in their own life, they are extreme playboys. Whenever his girl’s complaints that she has seen him talking with other girls he comes up with the most cliché lines ever heard wo meri Behen hay main Ek bar jisko Behn Keh doon wo meri Behn ho jati hay(she is like a sister to me. Whenever I call a girl sister she is my sister then). Hypocrisy and double standards are not enough to describe such behaviors.

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Muft khidmaat (Things only Pakistani can relate)

Muft khidmaat or unpaid services are easily available in Pakistan. Bhai Jan stands upar Karlen (bro adjust your stand). Admittedly this sentence is heard by every motorcycle user. Another commonly provided service is Baji dupatta upar Karlo tayr main aajae ga (sister adjust your scarf otherwise it will get stuck in tiers). These services are lifesaving. Without even asking Pakistani come to help you to reverse your car Aan dyoo aan dyoo gaddi sedhi aan dyoo khambay ton bchaa kay (carry on reverse straight only be careful about tower).

Absurd questions (Things only Pakistani can relate)

Aur sunao or tell other stuff is on number one among all absurd questions list. Pakistani have master’s level qualification in asking absurd and ill-minded questions like roti gol bnaa leti ho(can you make round tortilla). Parents mostly emotionally blackmail their child bay saying log kya kahenge (what will people say).

A girl said that her name should be legally changed to “what will people think” because it was said to her more than her name. what will people think is brown parent’s anthem. After the girl is married people come up with a bunch of stupid questions susral waly job karny den gay (will your in-laws allow you to continue your job). Boys are asked Shaadi kay bad bhi parents kay sath Raho gay (will you live with parents even after your marriage).

Choonay (Things only Pakistani can relate)

Choonay or scams are very common here. After getting into relationships girls start using u fone’s line tum hi to ho (you are the one) while boys say ap k alawa kisi larki ko nahi dekhta main (I don’t look at any girl except you). Aap na mile to main apni Jaan lay loon ga(I will kill myself if you will not be mine). From the girls’ side, aap kay alwa sab mery Bhai hen aap pehly larkay ho jis say main bat kar rhi hoon(except you all boys are like my brothers you are the first boy whom I am talking to).

These scams or chaanay are exchanged between girls and guys. Not only boys do scam now girls are also participating in this holy marathon. A relationship that starts with lies and self-harm will not work and to make it work time, respect and trust are admittedly vital. Relations demand sacrifice but when you are the one sacrificing every time, ponder over it again.


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  1. Amazingly hilarious. “DP mn ap hi hi na”😂😂😂😂
    The most heard statement by any girl I think..
    Well your content and chosen words are beyond praise l because it’s just amazinggggggggg♥️

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