Things not to say to people with depression (covid-19)

Things not to say to people with depression are so many. Researchers say that depression is the most misunderstood medical condition. All of us can have depression because there are multiple reasons for it.

Acha acha socho bass (Things not to say to people with depression)

Saying acha acha socho bas(think positive) to the depressed person is really worse. It’s like saying an asthma patient to breathe. Saying to be happy to a depressed person is extremely sick of us as they are already struggling to do so. You never know their struggles because your judgmental behavior is the reason that they are not sharing their problems with you. Depressed people are scared to leave but tired to stay in their life. they have all the life taken out of them.

Try yoga/meditation (Things not to say to people with depression)

Try yoga/meditation is advised when someone is depressed. If someone has accidentally shared their depression story with you do not start advising them until they ask you to do so. Yoga is effective but it’s not everyone’s thing. Maybe they have tried yoga but left it as they failed to gain positive effects. The worst thing about depression is the inability to sleep even if you are deadly tired.

Attention seeker/rotlu (Things not to say to people with depression)

You are just an attention seeker/rotlu is the worst possible thing you can say to a depressed person. You need to understand that depression is no fun and it’s definitely not a trend. People think that others are faking it because it’s some kind of privilege which is really misinformation at its finest. Depression is not just feeling sad it’s feeling like nothing, nothing makes you feel, nothing interests you, nothing can give your life any meaning.

Zyaada mat socho (Things not to say to people with depression)

Zyaada mat socho(don’t overthink) is suggested as if it can treat depression. Annoying questions like why are you depressed? Think of good things. You were happy yesterday and now suddenly you are depressed? There is nothing like depression your therapist is making a fool out of you by filling his pocket. Depression, a horrible thing to experience, even when you have recovered from it, there is always a shadow that lurks around and makes you hell scared as it might come back.

ESA Kuch nahi hota (Things not to say to people with depression)

People say that esa Kuch nahi hota(there is nothing like this) as according to them yar tumhen masla hi kya hay. Sab Kuch hay tumhary paas. Tum nay bura waqt Dekha hi Kahan hay. Acha acha socho(dude what’s your problem. You have everything you have not been through in tough times just breathe and think positive). Try understanding that no age is immune to depression just because you are young does not mean you can’t get depressed. Depressed people don’t want to end their life they just want to end the pain.

nazuk (Things not to say to people with depression)

People say that you are nazuk(oversensitive). You are just by yourself. You let me down also don’t come to my party as you are the cause of sadness. Tumhara manhoos chehra nahi dekhna har waqt rota rehta hay eda naazuk(don’t wanna see your sad face you cry baby sensitive my foot). No one wants to hear such humiliating things so stop it.

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Ye to Kuch bhi nahi (Things not to say to people with depression)

Ye to Kuch bhi nahi hmaary relative ko tha aur us nay khudkushi Karli wo paglon kay doctor kay pass bhi jata that(its nothing. Our relative had it worse and committed suicide as he was visiting psychologist). Then they try to save you by saying hey you don’t try to self-harm and jump off the cliff it’s just a phase.

If you have someone suffering from depression just listen to them when they share stuff try not to be judgmental about it. Don’t start comparing it to others and advising them as they have not asked for your opinions. Just don’t share it with others and don’t make them feel bad about it. Don’t just tell them that you will be with them without meaning it.
The truth is that people who make others happy end up the loneliest. Just don’t be the reason people feel low or drained. Be careful with your words as your words can bloom a garden or even burn it.

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  1. Ziada chinta .chitta tak ly Jati ha r Kabhi BHI nahi krni chahiye humain …humasha Khush rehna chahiye r Sab ko Khush rakhna chahiye….😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Yes depression is something becoming revealing thing to many of us because previously it was a stigma.
    Well written.

  3. Yes depression is something becoming revealing thing to many of us because previously it was a stigma which is disappeared nowadays
    Well written.
    Keep up girl

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