So-called Rishta demands in Pakistan!

According to Rishta demands in Pakistan:

So-called Rishta demands in Pakistan!

“Nahi hamain ap se kuch nahi chahiye, rang or qad b khasa acha h or khair se kamati bhi acha h hamari taraf se tu han he samjheye, with a naughty smile they add, hamara larka to uth kr pani bhi nahi peeta ap ne ghar dari tu sikhai he ho ge larki ko.”

Bride’s perspective for a Rishta (So-called Rishta demands in Pakistan!)

These are the weird & bizarre remarks we get to hear by every larky waly. These racist & body-shaming remarks are made by every groom’s mother and are considered subtle. The boys’ complexion is often ignored by saying

“mard ka gora rang is not a subtle standard of beauty.”

Every girl has to undergo this Rishta screening test elsewise she is not considered marriage material. The irony in the above-mentioned statement is not quantifiable.

“Jhez k hum sakhat khilaf hain hamein ap se kuch bhi nahi chahiye.” 

These words are enough to impress the bride’s family. After winning their heart they are served with a list of various items ranging from needle to automatic vehicle. This heinous crime executed by the groom’s family sinks the other party into immense bank debt.

Rishta demands in Pakistan, the dowry system is penetrated so much that it has now become a competition that seriously affects the economic health of families. The girl’s side is forced to waste their hard-earned money in idiotic traditions. The main purpose of all these traditions is to snatch royalty from the bride’s side.

  • Arrival of unwanted guests

The arrival of unasked and unexpected guests at the wedding ceremony puts additional stress on the bride’s family as they were said

“Hum ginay chunay log he aaen gay.”

Along with household responsibilities she finds it strenuous to continue her professional life. While she is fighting truth and nail to make both ends meet, she is signified by saying:

“Yeh nokri krna ya na krna is up to you”.

Even though her hard-earned money is the only financial support for the house, she is made to realize that her job is not that commendable.

Grooms perspective for a Rishta demand (So-called Rishta demands in Pakistan!)

“Apki apnaaiyat aur sharafat boht hay. Bs larkay ki sarkari nokri ho to mamla aagy barhay aur haq mehr to hm baad main tay kar len gay.”

These are the most common heard weird Rishta demands in Pakistan heard by the groom’s family before Rishta fixation. The boy’s worth is measured in terms of his bank balance.

Some professional dacoit parties often entrap old wealthy men by offering eye-pleasing females to them for their marriage. Not only the higher education but also the financial stability of the male candidate is mandatory but the same things don’t work the other way.

For instance, we witness numerous incidents of a CS officer happily marrying an illiterate girl but surprisingly for a CS lady officer, her parents try tooth and nail to get her a fully established and well-educated man who can complement her standards in all possible ways.

  • Core Problems

The boys who are the sole earner of their families face much strain as they have to face the burden of two families’ expenses. The financial instability and shortage of resources create a vicious cycle of house bickering between the newlywed couple and grooms’ families. This economic unreliability can often lead to domestic violence which further worsens the whole situation. This seriously retards the overall health of the whole relationship.

Conclusion (So-called Rishta demands in Pakistan!)

The need of the hour is to realize that both parties face difficulties of their own types which are not thought worthy to be considered and solved by the respective families. Mutual understanding and empathic listening can solve the core problems.

Marriage is a relationship of mutual respect and it should not be defamed by pretentious activities just to impress the people around. These Rishta demands are very irrational and irrelevant. It is not necessary that everyone would meet such idiotic and bizarre demands. Marriage is a sacred relationship between two parties and flexibility should be practiced by both sides.

One party should not be burdened unnecessarily every time but the workload should be divided for the avoidance of imbalance.

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    1. Nice article , I am also against dowry demands and I wish that every daughter of a father should marry without the demands of dowry . Islam said jehz aik lanat hi

  1. Well written. The demands stand at ultra high side from both the parties. It needs to be stopped henceforth. Live long.

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