Simple Questions no one can answer 1

Questions no one can answer list is still rich even in the 21st century. There are many questions no one knows the answer to. Here are some of the few

Billo baggy billyan da ki karay gi

Billo baggy billayan da ki karay gi is the 2nd most asked question this year (mery babu nay Thaana thaaya is obviously 1st in the list ). Many teenagers were spotted asking billo about her unhealthy obsession with baggy billy but billo cared less to answer such questions. Billo is constantly avoiding answering these questions due to unknown reasons. We will highly appreciate it if billo agrees to answer this frequently asked question. Teenagers said that after getting the answer they will breathe with more ease as their lung’s vital capacity will increase miraculously.

Winters and urine frequency

Winters and urine frequency is not a very good combination for everyone. A young man was found saying yaar jab razae garam hoti hay tab washroom Jaana parr jata hay (when the blanket is warm nature’s call is on). Why urine has to come at the exact time when your blanket is comfortably warm. This is a difficult question to answer and researchers should solve this mystery.

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Thaana thaaya (Questions no one can answer)

Mery babu nay Thaana thaaya is still the most frequently asked question. Many single creatures won’t relate to these questions as they were never asked these questions but couples and nibbi nibbas can surely relate. Mery babu nay Thaana thaaya is asked but no one knows the reason for its asking. Is the dishwashing group asking this question? Is there someone concerned about khaany kay reviews? Is there someone figuring out if babu is on drugs? Is there any chemical in food that made babu tootla?
Yes, these questions are still asked and no one knows the answer to any of these.

Door door jaaway

Kaalay jay libaas di shokeenen Kuri door door jaway mery kaalay rang ton is still not answered. Here the Kuri loves everything in black as black is her favorite color. She has purchased every item in black but when it comes to her boyfriend’s skin color she is not very happy with it. She avoids her boyfriend as he is black so the boyfriend innocently questions that when you are ok with everything in black then why avoiding me. Many questions arise due to her behavior is

she racist? Is she a gold digger? Is she a narcissist? We would highly advise Kuri to get rid of her fair skin color obsession as this upsets her boyfriend.

Laughing but sad (Questions no one can answer)

It is a very commonly asked question in our country that yaar tu itna hasta hay andar say Kitna sad Hoga tu(you laugh so much you must be very sad from inside). Why people assume that laughing faces are hiding their sadness and there is always depression that compelled them to laugh as to hide that. Why can’t people think that if someone is laughing it simply means he or she is happy. Why are people always curious that there is some mystery hidden behind that laughing face.
And when you tell them that you are sad they come up with dekh main nay kaha than na isy koi gham hay (I told you that he is sad).

Saas mindset (Questions no one can answer)

In our country saasu maa says that kitnay besharam hen Abi Kal hi Shadi hoi hay aur Ek hi plate main dono khana Kha rahay hain. Koi haya nahi kay baray Bhi sath Bethy hain(so shameless they just got married and now both are having food on the same plate. They don’t care that elders are sitting near). Saas’s mindset should be changed as it is sunnah for newlyweds to have food on the same plate.
Kitnay besharam hain? This is the question commonly asked by saas these days even in this century.

No bath winters

No bath winters is literally a real thing. Many people refused to take baths during winters saying that they are doing this due to water crises. Reports confirmed that people asked them what is the logic in their water-saving effort? How much water they are going to save with no bath winters? Clearly, they are playing the blame shift game in which they shifted the blame of their laziness on water crises.


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  1. Haha, great great content.. Mind blowing observations! Seriously sister you nailed it! 😅😅😅
    I mind that bath one in the ending though 😛

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