PSL 6 anthem public reactions 2021

PSL 6 anthem public reactions 2021 are mixed. People have funny and aggressive reactions to the anthem. The majority is busy criticizing knock pick apart while very few have loved the song. Here are some of the reactions.

Ali Zafar kay matwalay (fans)

Ali Zafar kay matwalay is missing his presence. They wanted Ali Zafar to sing this song and they are expecting bhai Hazir hay (dude is here) again. People have said that the PSL anthem without Ali Zafar is like making biryani without rice. This is true to some extent as no one can match the level of phir seeti bajay gi phir Khel Jamay ga (whistle will be blown and everything for the game will be set).

This boy has set the bar so high that no one can match the legendary level. People were found asking Ali Zafar about the crime/sin he has committed that PCB is no longer considering him for their songs. They want Ali Zafar back with his energetic and goosebumps giving voice.

Memers (PSL 6 anthem public reactions 2021)

Memers are creating a bundle of memes on the PSL 6 anthem. Almost all the memes are making fun of the anthem. People have said harsh words that they need to sanitize their ears after listening to the anthem. Some have said that maza nahi aaya song main cricket nahi tha(there was no good in the song no cricket at all).

Feel nahi ai wo chass nahi ai (there was no fun part) is the most heard statement about the anthem. You can anything you want but the reality is that these memers are making the song viral. Right now the song is trending no 1 in Pakistan UAE and many other countries.

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Young stunners fans (PSL 6 anthem public reactions 2021)

Young stunners fans are not very much happy about the anthem but seeing talha Anjum and Younus Anjum is worth the wait. Many people are watching the song just because young stunners are in it. Undoubtedly legends never take the easy way.
People said that young stunners were added to save the song from becoming a disastrous flop. Jeet ya haar ham khushyaan baant’tay(either we lose or win we spread happiness) is literally on another level. Young stunners were praised more than aima baig.

Naseebo Laal bashing

Naseebo Laal bashing is not unheard of. People have passed offensive comments like Naseebo Laal ki awaaz say lagta hay koi mujra ho Raha hay isay q song main daal dea (Naseebo laal is meant to sing songs for theatres who has given her the part in this song).

It was heard that naseebo lal ko gana day kar chass rol di hay iska level hi nahi hay(naseebo laal has destroyed the song she can’t sing) by many folks. But some old people are loving her voice as groove mera cannot be sung better than naseebo laal herself. Some said naseebo lal has given life to the song while others say that she destroyed the song.

Admirers (PSL 6 anthem public reactions 2021)

Admirers have praised the good things about the song. Psl 6 anthems is a powerful and goosebumps worthy combination of aima baig young stunners and the legendary naseebo laal. Naseebo laal has given her level best performance. In the video, the graphic designers and video editors have played their part.

There is a lot of hard work behind this song. People have said that ham nay Ali Zafar ko Apna Abu bana lea hay kay bas wohi Gaye aur chaahy kitni hi mehnat karlay ham admire nahi karsakty(we have overrated Ali Zafar to such a level that no matter how much hard work others do we always troll them).

Video reviews

Some have said after watching the video they have got arrhythmia, seizures, and nausea as the video is edited that way. Others have praised the video. Song itself is a very big hit as naseebo laal has already received tremendous love and support on the Twitter page. Everyone can like or dislike but keep in mind that it takes guts to create such songs so before criticizing we should keep in mind that our hateful comments can discourage the creators to such an extent that their mental health is affected.

If Ali Zafar created magic with phir seeti bajay gi then admittedly naseebo laal has done her job with grove mera. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions so keep loving and sharing positivity.

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  1. Amazing and superb level of information you’re having and depicting through your words.
    Well Ali Zafar has no match seriously!!!!!!!
    More power to you my girl ♥️

  2. overall song best h suchi pochy to song sun kr chas aa gai reality to ya h k paki awam lai lag h ya log apna mind use nh krty blky dosry k pochy lag jaty or copy krna start kr dety kisi ek memer ny song pr meme bna dia to sb ny bs bnana start kr dia or bs sb shuru ho gay phr

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