Periods/menstruation myths


Periods/menstruation myths are busted/debunked so you can get the idea of things to do and things to avoid when you are at that time of the month. There are so many myths regarding periods that are better discussed and proven false.

Periods stop when you take a shower

Periods stop when you take shower is a very famous myth. Our elders have said do not take bath otherwise you will face problems during childbirth but this is not true. Water can slow your blood flow but it certainly doesn’t stop that. You can skip a bath on the first day of your period but you must take bath on the very second day as hygiene is necessary.

Is bae-AQL nay SAR dho lea hay in dino maion nahi nhaaty (this stupid has taken shower stop taking shower during periods) this is a false statement as research proves that taking shower during periods is completely safe? Stop believing on periods main nahi nhaaty girl think about hygiene and do it for yourself.

Clots/ dark red blood is a problem

Clots/ dark red blood is a problem no this is a myth. This is normal to have dark red colored blood on your pads as this dark red color tells that the blood was in for a long time and is relatively old. Clots are not that much of a big deal but if clots are seen in excessive numbers you better seek your gynecologist.

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Everyone has the same pain/cramps

Everyone has the same pain/cramps is a myth. Not everyone girl experiencing periods will get to bear the same amount of pain as our bodies are different. We have a wide range of symptoms and cramps. Some girls get minor pain while others get painful abdominal and leg cramps lucky are the girls who do not get cramps.

Stop calling her hypersensitive or over-emotional as you have no idea how much pain a cramp can cause her. Researchers show that period cramps are so strongly painful that their pain is comparable to the pain experienced during a heart attack.

Skipping is a problem (Periods/menstruation myths)

Skipping is a problem that’s not true. Ladies who are on birth control can experience period skips and this is a normal thing. There can be many reasons behind missing your menstruation one of them can be the usage of contraceptives. If you are missing your cycle for months it will be wise to seek your gynecologist.

Periods sync up (Periods/menstruation myths)

Periods sync up is a myth. There is no medical research evidence that proves that periods sync up. So if you and your girls get periods on exactly dated that is a coincidence and nothing beyond that. This myth was very famous from the last four decades until in 2006 it was proven false.

You should Skip exercise during periods

You should Skip exercise during periods is a myth. There is no medical evidence that confirms that exercise is bad for periods for your surprise it is proven that exercise/workout can have positive effects on your mood and helps you get rid of sadness.

Exercising helps to release happy hormones from the body that makes you feel good about yourself as a sense of reward is felt. Yoga and exercise are proven to reduce pain during periods.

Don’t use ponstan/Panadol

Periods/menstruation myths, don’t use ponstan/Panadol is a myth. Elders say that you should bear the pain of periods but this is not true. You are free to do things for pain relief. These analgesic/pain-relieving drugs not only reduce pain but also helps you with controlled bleeding.

But excess of these drugs can surely cause liver toxicity(hepatotoxicity) and ultimately does more harm than good. Do not take drugs without a medical prescription. Don’t start medical remedies at home as doctors are there for a purpose.

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