Pawri horai hai

(Pawri horai hai) Video of teenage influencer girl is trending on Twitter for the last couple of days. The girl was in northern areas spending vacations with a group of her friends and she updated on Instagram as

ye humare cawr hay ye ham hain aur ye hamare pawri ho rahi hay (this is our car. This is us. This is our party).

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What is the girl’s name from pawri ho rai hai

The girl is an Instagram creator and influencer with over 275k followers. Her name is dananeer mubeen also known as Geena. The girl hails from Islamabad and was in Peshawar on vacation where she made the video saying #pawrihoraihai. The girl creates videos mimicking burgers. This video instantly became a meme and was shared millions of times.

What are burgers (Pawri horai hai)

Burgers are the people from the capital city of Pakistan Islamabad. burgers mostly prefer conversation in English as they are so ashamed of speaking their mother tongue Urdu. They try to pronounce English in various accents. Burgers are sasta versions of Karens. Foreigners have Karens while Pakistanis have burgers.

Pawri horai hai viral

Pawri horai hai became a viral meme overnight. Many memers, celebrities, and common people recreated the video. The video was shared and recreated millions of times. The video gained its popularity due to memers mostly.

Yashraj mukhate instrumental

Yashraj mukhate gives an instrumental twist to Pakistani’s pawri ho rai hai trend. The video broke the internet and was loved by all. Yashraj mukhate is an Indian YouTuber guy who created “rasoday main kon tha” and became viral. He has also done magic with:

“aanday garam aanday” and “ay yeeri paagal”.

Some people said that the

Yashraj mukhate’s 41-second clip is way better than PSL 6 anthem.

Also, he said that from now on he will only do pawri instead of a party. Some people said that tony Kakkar is going to release a new song on pawarry.

Celebrities recreated pawri ho rai hai

Celebrities recreated pawri ho rai hai. Saba Qamar zaman recreated the video in a very humorous way. Famous actor Ejaz Aslam also recreated the video with the cast of nand drama serial. Ali Zafar had a very delightful video on the same sound. Famous cricketer Waseem Akram also took the part and recreated the video. Seems like the whole country is loving the pawri ho rai hai.

People reactions (Pawri horai hai)

People had very delightful reactions. Some said that the girl is full of life, delightful, happy, and energetic. Some said:”pore Dunya corona kay peechay baawri ho rai hay phir bhi yahan pawri ho rai hai”. Party ka nahi pta par ye ladki bawre ho rai hay. People reacted positively and rae mostly getting the fun part. Every meme channel is making memes on lighter mode.

Pawri ho rai hai girl’s reaction (Pawri horai hai)

Dananeer mubeen reacted to the immense recreations of her video by saying

first and foremost I am so happy that you all are enjoying this video. At this point right now that’s the only thing that matters to me right now. I am having fun looking at you guys enjoying this video and the trend, plus the recreations I don’t have words to explain the feeling. The girl is overwhelmed by the fame and immense love.

What’s your Reaction?

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    Good effort of finding/searching memes related to this, thou whole social media is full of such memes but yeah it time takin’.. good effort of always bein’ upto date👍Love your work..keep growing girl

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