Papa ki parchai houn main!/Reflection of My Father

“Do tell us whenever you need anything we are still your parents” 

(Papa ki parchai houn main!/Reflection of My Father)

I received this text in the morning when I was in the dire need of such back support. This mesmerizing phrase still echoes in my mind whenever I feel down in my life. These bits of power were said by my papa at the time when I was dying to hear such empathetic words. These words influenced directly my heart and I started sobbing. Those conquering lines are:  

 “You have made new relationships but the past ones would not skip loving you”

This gave me new spirit & strength to cope with the difficulties which were ready to swallow me in no time.

I was brought up with extra love and care especially from my father as my younger brother always complained about this discrimination. I still remember papa’s words

“Your son is yours as long as he is unmarried but your daughter is yours till her last breath.” (Papa ki parchai houn main!/Reflection of My Father)

Daughters are the ones who are cordially invested in their parents’ life even after they get married. They are always concerned about their parent’s well-being.

Psychology says daughters are affiliated with their fathers while sons are affiliated with the mothers.

I still remember in childhood my papa used to share the burden of house chores. I have always seen him helping my mother doing dishes and washing clothes. I have never seen him shouting at anyone.

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My papa used to wake us up in the morning and serve us with handmade food like sometimes with a naughty look, he used to say to my Mom “tum rest kro khana main bana loun ga.”

He performed all of this work as his daily ritual.

Dropping us to college and picking us on time was his daily job. He sacrificed for us a lot. His love was so unconditional that the scorching heat of July didn’t stop him from waiting at our college gate. After college, he used to ask us about our day with a smiling face.

My papa advised us to remain strong and calm in every situation. Due to his unconditional love we developed a mindset that the whole world is as caring as him. But this world is completely different from the one that was shown to me in my infancy. (Papa ki parchai houn main!/Reflection of My Father)

Things went south and I found myself entangled in heart-wrenching situations. I completely gave up on life and suicidal thoughts came across my mind. I was in grief and dilemma but my father’s love for me never grew less.


My papa loves me even more after all the hurdles that came my way. (Papa ki parchai houn main!/Reflection of My Father)

The thing here is that life can change within the blink of an eye. But you should always remember that your parents are with you no matter how worse the situation is. Care for your parents because they are the ones who are truly happy seeing your success.

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  1. An adequate and virtuous message for the youngstersers of today.👍
    I’m impressed by your story. No doubt that a father is every daughter’s hero.💖

  2. Father is a great blessing of ALLAH ALMIGHTY ❤️ May ALLAH showers HIS Blessings on every Father. Love ❤️ Father.

  3. I think we should Thank our parents for givingus the life every child deserves, and being such wonderful parents. for always being there for us Without the two of them we don’t know where we would be😢😢you have done a great work

  4. Your words are as beautiful as you are… I can really feel the emotions and love you have for your father in your words

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