Most Annoying Things That We Heard In Lockdown

There are a bunch of annoying things that we heard in lockdown. For the very first time in our life, we were kept in cages for a pretty long period of time. We came across many annoying things here are some of the few

Subah jaldi utho (Annoying things that we heard in lockdown)

Subah jaldi utho (get up early) was literally the most used sentence in lockdown. Fathers were really obsessed to wake their kids up early in the morning by saying tum Subha uth kar to Dekho saary masly khud hall ho Jaen gay (you start getting up early all of your problems will go away). Kids were annoyed due to this.

Fathers were so eager to wake their kids early that even if someone says that he or she has colon cancer, fathers will say array tum Subha uth kar to Dekho (you just try getting up early). While amma plays her part by lying about time uth ja sust 12 bajj Gaye hen (get up lazy it is already 12). While the kids know that it’s hardly 10 in the morning.

Shokhay (Annoying things that we heard in lockdown)

Shokhay(boasters) were there in a lockdown they were called boasters as they start their conversations by praising their own self yaar main nay to Ek Kitab likh li hay, shadi kar li hay aur kapron ka karobaar shru kar lea hay tum sunao vaylay(I have written a book, got married and started a business of clothes you tell me what you doing these days useless). These people are the ultimate source of your depression instead of getting the motivation you start telling yourself how useless you are.

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Join zoom class (Annoying things that we heard in lockdown)

Indeed this line should be declared the most annoying line of this decade. Every day teachers will send links and ask you to join a class where everyone’s main concern is to mark their attendance. Online classes were the real scam. Online classes ki utni hi samaj ai jtni Chaudhry shujaat ki aati hay (online classes were as understandable as Chaudhry shujaat).

Shayad Meera ko angrezi Farr Farr aajae gi lakin hamen online classes ki samaj nahi aegi (Meera can speak in English fluently but we can’t understand online classes). These sentences were said by students who were the victim of online classes.

Saara din Kuch nahi karty (Annoying things that we heard in lockdown)

Saara din Kuch nahi karty (you do nothing all day). This sentence was used by mothers during the lockdown. And there she starts bizarre comparisons chacha day Munday nu wekhya ay Dubai kamaan gya ay tay es nawab di akh Nh khuldi uth v gya tay pubg day Magar lag jay ga poora din zaaya kar agg lagay pubg bnaan allay nu( your cousin is earning in Dubai here you are having a hard time getting up early.

You waste a whole day on pubg may god damage the ones who made pubg). Mothers and their hatred of attitude towards pubg is more consistent than online classes.

Work out freaks (Annoying things that we heard in lockdown)

Work out freaks have their own stories to tell bs aj say healthy diet aur exercise shuru 2 hafty bad dekhna tu results tu mjsy diet poochti reh Jae gi(healthy diet and exercise will start from today. Wait for 2 weeks you will be desperate to know my diet plan). Beth beth kay moti hogae hoon lakin ab saare charbi UTR jaegi aur main bs fit hojaun gi (I have grown fat by sitting for hours but now all the fat will burn and I will be fit). Kal says exercise shuru remains constant in every exercise plan.

Overexcited (Annoying things that we heard in lockdown)

Overexcited people start their conversations in a way that you can sense how much they are craving for roaming on the streets. Yar Ek Dafa lockdown khatam hony day ham gol gappy pizza burger sab khaen gay boht enjoy Karen gay (let this lockdown end we will enjoy food). These people make plans for trips and their venue changes every day and it is also true that when lockdown will end they ain’t going nowhere.

Gol roti (Annoying things that we heard in lockdown)

Mother’s obsession to teach you how to make gol roti will never end. Mothers can’t stop themselves to say roti banana seekh lay agley Ghar ja k sub ko bhooka maary gi tu (learn how to make round tortilla otherwise you will starve your in-laws).

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