Middle-class things we all do

Middle-class things we all do are copious. Being brown people our utmost purpose in life is to save money. Here are some middle-class things we all brown people love doing

Water adding policy (Middle-class things we all do)

Water adding policy is our personal favorite. When a middle-class kid shouts from the bathroom amii shampoo khatam hogya hay (mother shampoo is finished). Instead of providing a new shampoo bottle mother suggest nahi Hua khatam is mein pani dalo (it’s not finished add water in it). We love adding water to the finished toothpaste. Hamara bas chalay to 100gram ki toothpaste say 200-gram nikaal len (we wish to extract 200grams of toothpaste from 100-gram packet).

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Water adding policy finds its usage almost everywhere. Used Pepsi bottles and soft drink bottles are reused as water bottles. Seriously in a middle-class house, nothing goes wasted.

 Naazuk sorat e Haal (Middle-class things we all do)

Naazuk sorat e haal (tense situation) is always there in a middle-class family. When you accidentally shut the door quickly they say Haan Haan aur zor say maaro konsa paysy lagay hen paysy to darakht par ugay thay (hit it hard we have a money plant here). Aur zoor say maaro fridge aur lights chlao ham to wapda main hen(close the fridge harder moron. Use more lights we are in the wapda). When you accidentally drop glass they have a mini heart attack mery jahez kay saary bartan tor do zalimo (break every dish from my dowry you idiots

Use and reuse (Middle-class things we all do)

Use and reuse term finds its origin from the middle-class house. Throwing shopping bags is an inexcusable sin in the eyes of middle-class parents. In every house, there is a big shopper suffocated with small shoppers in the name of aagay kaam aen gay (we will make good use of these). Don’t get amazed after watching beautiful boxes at our places as these are filled with soi dhaaga (needles and threads). New remote tv and ac are covered with clothes to save them from dust.

Smart heads (Middle-class things we all do)

Middle-class people are smart heads. They will never buy clothes for dusting as their kid’s old t-shirt will serve the purpose. No shopping for youngest child tumhaaray baray Bhai kay kparay tumhen pooray aaty hen wahi pehn lo kya zroort hay naye leny ki(your elder brothers clothes are fit to you so there is no need to buy new ones for you. The youngest kid suffers more than Kashmir. He always feels that he is a stepkid. Old t-shirts are used to make pocha. When accidentally parents buy clothes for the youngest kid these are always oversized agley saal bhi Yahi pehn Lena (you can wear these for next year too).

Superpowers (Middle-class things we all do)

Middle-class people literally have superpowers. When their television remote does not work they try to punch it smash it and physically torture it to make it work. They don’t buy remote cells easily. Honestly, remotes in the middle-class house should register its complaint of assault against owners. They make remote work just by punching it.

Panadol is literally the solution of all problems for brown people they suggest you o yaar Panadol khaa bohat fayday nay (use Panadol it’s really effective). According to brown laws either you have a headache, stomachache, or prostate cancer you can use Panadol for treatment.

Trust issues (Middle-class things we all do)

Middle-class people have major trust issues. They don’t rely on online shopping as they think this is the biggest scam. They don’t trust you with new dishes as they think naye bartan mehmaanon kay liye hen (new utensils are only for guests). When you try to convince them to buy new things they come up with baap bhi Purana hogya hay isay bhi net say Badal lo (your father is also old buy a new one online).

Once a girl said to gol gappy waly uncle ham idr Roz Atty hen hmen Ek free gol Gappa bhi den(we visit your shop daily give us some stuff for free). The uncle responded ham nay ye dukaan Kal hi Khola hay (we opened this shop yesterday). And then there were super awkward stares. Anyone could die of that second-hand embarrassment.

No shopping (Middle-class things we all do)

Middle-class people can do anything to get free stuff. Middle-class people try their level best to save their hard-earned money. They don’t bother to buy calculators for their kids justifying themselves by saying ye Apna dimaag istemaal karay ga (he will use his brain). They don’t buy you erasers saying don’t make mistakes you dumbhead.

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