Healthy and unhealthy relationships [1]

Healthy and unhealthy relationships are not easy to distinguish these days. The thing about a healthy relationship is that it brings joy, comfort, trust, and security while an unhealthy relationship brings disappointment, sadness, and insecurity. We don’t teach our generations how to love. It is important to talk about warning signs of unhealthy relationships just to minimize the chances of being in them.

Eagerness role (healthy and unhealthy relationships)

Eagerness has its role in relationships. “agar tum nay mujhsy Abhi baat na ki to main apni nabz (vein) kaat loon ga”(If you will not talk to me now I will cut my radial artery). This whole sentence is screaming unhealthiness in a relationship. (Healthy and unhealthy relationships)
“call me when you are free I missed you” this is a sign of a healthy relationship. Learn to spot these initial signs to avoid getting in toxic relationships.

With drawl

With drawl or isolation should also be sensed. “apnay doston kay sath zyaada mat Raho Karo sab losers hen tum say jalty hen”(don’t spend much time with your friends. They are losers and are jealous of you). While a healthy relationship doesn’t isolate you from your loved ones. They don’t try to manipulate you and talk bad about your circle.

Jealousy of healthy and unhealthy relationships

Jealousy is a normal human emotion. But unnecessary jealousy followed by bizarre arguments is definitely not a good sign. In a healthy relationship your partner cares about your personal space, he never starts with” main tumhen follow kar RHA hoon tum kis say bat kar rahi ho. Kon he wo”(I am following you. Who are you talking to who is he to you). Love should not be suffocating. There should be a room or space to discuss all your flaws and insecurities without the fear of being judged.

Importance(healthy and unhealthy relationships)

Importance of your words should also be kept in mind. “isy kapray pehanany ka dhang Bhi Nahi hay. Na Bethany ki tameez hay”(she doesn’t know how to dress and sit properly). This statement followed by horrible giggling can bring floods of embarrassment for anyone. A person who loves you truly never mocks you even in a private space. In an unhealthy relationship, constant mockery, disrespect, and abuse is a common tool to dis heart your partner. When you complain about their inhumane behavior, you are called sensitive. Your statements are not valued. These small things matter a lot in Healthy and unhealthy relationships.

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Disagreements (Healthy and unhealthy relationships)

Disagreements are always there in any relationship.  In a healthy relationship, there are healthy disagreements and are never followed by disrespect. While in unhealthy relationships, disagreement leads to disrespect which is followed by prompt excuses. Even after excuse disrespect remains and continues. The excuse is made without even realizing your mistake so it is usually not long-lasting.

Love is when every time you see them your heart is literally on the floor. You have never looked at someone the way you look at them. When you don’t know how to explain it that’s what you call love. Every time you see them your heart skips beats. You feel spring and flowers growing around you and you have no idea what to do about it.

Find someone in your life that makes you feel like spring. Someone when you look at them you feel sunlight in your heart, in your veins, and your bones, and you want nothing else but to love them every moment that you are alive because that’s what everyone deserves. These small things matter a lot in Healthy and unhealthy relationships.

In healthy and unhealthy relationships you have to choose people who choose you even when it might not be the easiest choice. Someone who brings the best out of you and embraces you with all of your insecurities. Be with someone willing to admit and correct his mistakes. someone’s efforts are a reflection of their interest in you. Care comes with consistency so does love. Missing yourself in someone’s absence is love.
People who love you can notice storms in your eyes, silence in you, and heaviness in your heart. Always remember life is amazing then it’s awful and then it’s ordinary. Learn to breathe in amazing, hold on through awful, and relax during ordinary. It’s breathtakingly beautiful.


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  1. Relationships play pivotal role in the upbringing of human personalities.
    You’ve taken an important issue into consideration.
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