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Good things about 2020

Good things about 2020

Good things about 2020 Some may say that 2020 is the worst year but some good things also happened in 2020. 2020 is not all about January, February, quarantine, and December yet it is much more of it. Many good things happened in 2020 but were not given due credits as these were veiled by the global pandemic.

Nature (Good things about 2020)

2020 was the super year for nature and biodiversity. Nature got a brake to heal itself. Air pollution and noxious chemicals were drastically reduced also the greenhouse gases were recorded on their least levels due to fewer factory operations. The ozone layer healed due to less traffic smoke and pollution. So this year has got a big thumbs up from nature.

Mental health (Good things about 2020)

This year mental health was the talk of the town in its true meanings. People turned from ye to har waqt rota he rehta hay(he is such a cry baby) to call me whenever you feel low. We as Asians who are reluctant about mental health got a real shock after the suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput.

We started talking about depression and sadness and this surely is a big step for people like us who say ye depression to ameeron kay chonchlay hotay hen Kabhi Suna hay koi gareeb depression say mar gya hay wo bechaara to bhook say Marta hay(depression is for rich. Have you ever heard a poor person dying of depression. Poor soul dies because of hunger).

Worth (Good things about 2020)

The worth of home and family time got its realization. The family shifted from rooms to lounges real quick to spend time with each other. Our diets got healthy to boost our immune system against the coronavirus. Mothers’ commonly used sentence is larki ko Kuch banana nahi aata (this girl don’t know how to cook) transitioned to aaj kitchen main kyaa jlaaya(what got burnt in the kitchen) real quick.

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Smart people (Good things about 2020)

Smart people like Scientists discovered evidence of water on Mars so life can be expected on mars in near future. Smart people started online earning to manage their finances. Farmers in India realized their rights and did a mega protest on the border against farmers’ law demanding with drawl of the law.

Health care system

Health care was made more accessible as covid-19 vaccines are in progress ensuring that the first batch will be given to front-line workers and vulnerable individuals while other batches will be made available for the general public. In the year 2020 cure for AIDS was made. Many people recover from AIDS but this project is under observation.
Online education was introduced. Virtual classes and zoom after zoom were kinda exhausting and made our life blur but it surely helped students to gain knowledge online without much royalty. Poor students got the advantage.

Helped Australia (Good things about 2020)

The wildfire that started on June 19 went on for January 2020 and burned 18 million hectares plus billions of animals were found dead. Organizations from all around the world helped Australia supplying food and money to help out. People adopted animals as they were alone so they got a really good company to spend their time. Animals were rescued and sheltered in the highest numbers.

Black lives matter (Good things about 2020)

Black lives matter got popularity due to the inhumane act of black George Floyd killing. Millions of people protested against this racist act and Beyonce released a black parade in favor of George Floyd for the celebration of black color. The surprise release of Taylor swift album folklore in the same year made fans go crazy and her best work to date.

Memes (Good things about 2020)

Memes were made on various issues symbolizing the great sense of humor.
Zyaada Barish aati hay to zyaada pani aata hay(Bilawal Bhutto speech)
Ghabrana nahi hay(Imran khan)
Allah ki Kasam main tery khaabon main aaon ga(burger)
After announcing school closure Shafqat Mehmood gained popularity in the student community and was called jaani.

As usual, Lahore lost and Karachi kings won PSL 5. Memes were made on Lahore and Rana Fawad. Youtube vs TikTok controversy helped you tubers earn money and love. carryminati gained 25 million subscribers due to this controversy. So 2020 helped many and brought smiles to many faces.

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