Desi Patients and Science

In Asia, desi patients visit doctors with various problems. Patients tend to diagnose and even tell the causes that led to the development of that particular disease they are suffering from. Their non-medical opinion sometimes annoys doctors while mostly had them laughing and hitting their forehead with their palms.

Jigar khoon nahi bna raha (Desi patients and science)

The liver is not making blood is frequently heard complaint of patients. Patients tend to argue with doctors on this topic. When doctors correct them patients come up with weird logics like jigar hi to khon banata hay doctor sab tusi menu theek nahi lag rahy main phatay tay Bethay Hakeem nal gal karkay taanu wi dwae lay dindi an bra change Hakeem ay (liver makes blood doctor you don’t seem fine I will just talk to street quack he will just treat you with good care).

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Mu par danay mayday ki wja say hen (Desi Patients and Science)

Acne and pimples are due to stomach problems are also heard from patients. Once a patient visited the clinic and said doctor Saab mery mayday ki garmi ki wja say mery mu tay daanay ban gaye nay (my face is covered with pimples due to stomach issues). Patients tend to ignore the fact that there can be multiple causes of pimples they stick to their old formula of stomach interference with acne.

Baray operation kay bad jism Phool gya hay

In Desi patients and science, Due to the C-section, I have developed edema. Patients who develop obesity mostly blame C-sections for this. Once a lady came and said jab say mera nikka baray operation nal hoya ay mera ta uthna nai hunda Jan muk gae ay jism Phool gya ay (after c section I feel asthenia and edema).

Paysay Zaya hoye (Desi patients and science)

Paysay Zaya hoye (all my money get wasted) is also heard. Once a man visited the clinic with a hand full of reports the doctor read the reports and said you don’t have any problem thankfully all your reports are normal. On this, the man goes sad and said daac sab innay test krwaye machinaan lwaaiyan Khoon dita paysay laye par kuj v nahi aaya Kuch tay aana chaeda c(I went through all mechanical procedures and spent much money just to listen all my reports are normal there must be something wrong detected). Desi patients are happy with the disease but not satisfied with negative test reports.

Weight-loss struggles (Desi patients and science)

Nutritionists and dieticians can relate to this issue. Once an obese lady entered the hospital saying wdday operation ton baad jism phul gya ay main tay boht prhez krdi aan sukki roti tay pheeki chaa pendi aan (after c section I became obese I eat tortilla without oil and use sugarless tea but all in vain).

On history taking the doctor came to know that the lady was consuming malai payray mithi lassi and other heavy foodstuffs. She was adamant that she used pheki chaa so she deserves to lose weight.

Wazan Kam karden (Desi patients and science)

In Desi patients and science, Desi patients visit doctors at the last stages when having only a few seconds and they expect the doctor to do magic thinking that the doctor is genii. Once a lady said doctor sab mera wazan Kam karden 7 din main 30-kilo giraa den (make me slim and help me to lose 30 kgs in a week). She was adamant that any medication will help as lon as she is not said to exercise as her joints pain. Patients want shortcuts they don’t bother to follow 4 days antibiotic course.

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