Basic Skincare Myths Busted/Debunked

Basic Skincare Myths Busted/Debunked or proven false are listed here so that you can get a shear knowledge about things to trust and things to avoid regarding your skin. Currently, there are bundles of skincare myths which people love to share and spread. Here we are telling you about the myths of skincare.

Drinking extra water will make your skin look better

Drinking extra water will make your skin look better is a myth sadly. We have heard from our elders that extra water is good for fresh and smooth skin. But factually speaking there is no such medical evidence that drinking extra water can do better for your skin.

Extra water taken will only be removed from your body in the form of urine. If you drink much water there are chances of water intoxication which truly proves that excess of everything is bad.

No need for sunscreen in cloudy weather

No need for sunscreen in cloudy weather is a myth. You need sunscreen even it’s cloudy because ultraviolet (UV) rays are still bagging that can seriously damage your skin and increasing the chances of skin melanoma. The only time you don’t need sunscreen is when there is nighttime.

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Dark circles are due to lack of sleep (Basic Skincare Myths Busted/Debunked)

Dark circles are due to lack of sleep is a myth. There are so many reasons for your under-eye dark circles. Lack of sleep is not the only reason for those bad guys as genes play their part. You can get dark circles due to alcohol consumption, genetic factors, and many other factors playing their witty role.

Steam open pores (Basic Skincare Myths Busted/Debunked)

Steam open pores are is a commonly used myth. Steam is a good option for your skin but not for all skin types. People claim that steam can open pores and drain the nasty materials entrapped within them to get out but that’s simply not true.

The dark side is that steam application can cause skin infections, rashes, and many other skin conditions. So steam opening pores is not science.

Acne and repeated face wash

Acne and repeated face wash are not a good combination. Some people believe that to get rid of acne they should be washing their face multiple times but that’s not true. Dude your face is not that dirty after all. Repeated face-washing can dry your face and more oil production will happen to compensate for that. So a vicious cycle will be generated that will worsen your acne.

Blackheads popping increases recurrence

Blackhead popping increases recurrence/blackheads nikaalo to aur aaty hen is a myth. Pores present on the face remove oil and stuff out of them but their blockade can cause accumulation of oil and this reaction with air gets oxidized and turns black. This is called a blackhead.

Hormones of the body control formation of blackheads and they have nothing to do with your popping.

Pimples are due to events (Basic Skincare Myths Busted/Debunked)

Pimples are due to events or kisi bhi event say pehlay pimple aajaty hen is a myth. You do not get pimples due to events you get them because you are worried about looking the best at events. This stress level activates your hormones that result in pimple formation so ladies and guys don’t stress yourself because pimples will be there to ruin your day. Chill out and be relaxed so that stress hormones may spare you from pimples.


The higher the price higher the benefit

The higher the price higher the benefit is a myth. People love to assume that expensive skincare products are good while cheap products are not worth it. This is false on so many levels. Admittedly, many good and safe skincare products are available at low prices and are far better than expensive items. Your skin needs good products not costly products.

Love your skin and celebrate every shade and inch of it. Your health comes first seek a dermatologist when skin-related problems occur your skin deserves care and love.

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  1. Water wala shyd is liye thek ho k ap ne “extra” use kia hai which means more than required? If thats so, then you may be right.
    Others are good point actually.
    Keep up the good work Sis. ❤️

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