Basic phone etiquettes

Basic phone etiquettes should be read well by everyone using phones these days. Doesn’t matter how younger a kid is one thing he holds in his hands is a cell phone. We are not living in a stone era so everyone is well acquainted with the usage of cell phones but here’s a thing that almost all of us are lacking basic phone etiquettes. So it’s a pretty good time to learn these etiquettes.

Business hours (Basic phone etiquettes)

In Pakistan, business hours are from 9 am to 5 pm. Every formal calling should be happening within these hours normally. But students don’t know the concept of business hours and call teachers at midnight saying sir meri assignment submit nahi ho saki ab apko bhej don(sir my work was not submitted can I send it now). This problem is faced daily by private institute professors which really frustrates them.

Maybe the poor soul is sleeping after a hard day but you and your assignment are way more necessary than anything. Understand the concept of business hours and text-only those hours for avoiding inconvenience. Banda rat k 3 bajay thak har kar soya hay aur inki assignment submit nahi hui(poor man is sleeping at night but their work projects are more vital). This is so pathetic. teachers are also humans they are no robots.

Laanat day kar share Karen (Basic phone etiquettes)

Lanat day kar share Karen(share it after cursing) messages are received in immense numbers. And messages like shaytan apko share karnay say rokay ga(devil will stop you from sharing) like who told you? Are you and devil best friends? Devil has shared stuff with you? Such nonsense messages are still received and shared.
We don’t know what kind of stupid mindset people who share these messages have. If you are sharing a message after cursing then you are actually publicizing the news which should be deleted in the first place. What kind of swab you will get after sharing such idiotic and brainless texts. Please stop spreading rumors.

Don’t swipe pictures (Basic phone etiquettes)

Don’t swipe pictures from others’ phones if they have given you the phone for watching a particular picture. Don’t do this it’s really unethical. It’s like invading their privacy even without asking their permission. They have given you the phone so you can watch that particular picture but no you start swiping to watch other pictures too. You can jump on their personal pictures and an embarrassing situation can happen so stop swiping left and right.

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Don’t continue redialing (Basic phone etiquettes)

Don’t continue redialing if someone has cut your call. They may be in a meeting or doing their personal stuff that’s why they cut your call. If someone has cut your call don’t make it a matter of ego and attitude. Don’t take it harshly. Stop redialing unless you have an emergency.
Redial after 5 minutes of first call cutting or drop a text that you want to talk. Redialing, again and again, can really add discomfort for people so try making their life easy by taking it not personal. They will call back after getting free so stop trying again and again.

What’s app groups (Basic phone etiquettes)

Don’t add people in what’s app groups without their permission. If you want to add someone in what’s app group first ask their permission then add them. Don’t just randomly add people in various groups. This should not be the case that the person wakes up one day and boom he is in 4 groups and 400 people which are total strangers by the way have his number now. This is pathetic.

Number forward (Basic phone etiquettes)

Don’t forward other’s numbers without their permission. First, ask them that a friend is asking for your number can I give him or not. If they say no then don’t argue as their number is their property and they know well whom to give or whom not to. Don’t just forward other’s numbers just because you have them. This is really not a good thing to do.

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    1. Yes, these are the basic things which we should follow…!!!
      Well written…..!!!!!!!。◕‿◕。❣️

  1. Continuous calls instead if not responding should be stopped because it’s an annoying thing for anyone.
    Well.written and well delivered like usual.
    More power to you my Girl♥️

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