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Americans vs us memes gained popularity in 2021. These memes are so refreshing to watch take these memes on a lighter note we don’t aim to d-grade anyone. This is just for humor.

Love (Americans vs us)

When an American boy falls in love his family reacts like this: hey are you in love. Your face glows every time you think of her
We Pakistanis say Teri reportaan aa reyan nay(we are getting complaints about you). In Pakistan love can only happen after marriage otherwise it’s not palatable for others to see you in love.

Couple (Americans vs us)

When Americans see a couple holding hands they say what a sweet pair
We Pakistanis say na Sharam na haya bgerti ch diploma Kita ay(they have no shame).

Friends (Americans vs us)

In America, friends say I’ll be there for you
While we Pakistanis say tery liye to Jaan bhi Hazir hay(I can die for you) and admittedly it’s more emotional and full of true feelings.

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Police (Americans vs us)

When Americans see police they say sorry cop I will be responsible next time
While we Pakistanis say Oye yar thulla Khara hay aaj phir helmet bhool aya main Chlo doosra rasta lety hain(hey a cop is there. I forgot to take my helmet lets to take another route).

Bargaining (Americans vs us)

While bargaining Americans say hey can you please lower the price it’s out of my budget?
While we Pakistanis say is say agli Dukan main sasta mil Raha hay or ham aapkay puraany gaahak hen hath hola rakho (it’s pretty cheap from the shop nearby. We are your old clients please lower price).

Skinny person (Americans vs us)

When Americans see a skinny person they say hey you have a really fast metabolism
While Pakistanis say dhaancha hay tu tu Zinda bhi kesy hay urr na Jaen(you are a skeleton. How are you even alive you will fly).

Smart person (Americans vs us)

When Americans see a smart person they say hey you are really smart and intelligent but we Pakistanis say yar tu bari kameeni cheez hay(you are so smart).

Sad (Americans vs us)

When an American feels sad he says hey I am sad while we Pakistanis say watnaan tay waloo haa dil baon udaas ay(come back home my heart is so depressed).


When an American has an allergy he says hey I am allergic while Pakistanis say menu largee ay (I am allergic). Or menu nergee ay

Happy couple (Americans vs us)

When Americans witness a happy couple they say what a happy couple while we Pakistanis say burhi day thallay lgya hoya ay ran mureed enay tweez kittay ay banday tay(he is really under influence of his wife she has used lucky charms to gain her purpose).

Wedding (Americans vs us)

When white people witness a luxury wedding they say whao this is a dream wedding while we Pakistanis say pani wang paysa laaya ay asi tay Saari haram di Kamai ay(they have spent money like water it’s all black money).

Chubby bride (Americans vs us)

When Americans see a chubby bride they say hey look she is so cute while we Pakistanis say 2 sal ch Munday di maa lagay gi(she will look like his mother within 2 years).

Wedding food (Americans vs us)

When white people enjoy wedding food they say the food was so tasty while we say saanu tay 7 up e nahi mili Saadi dkaaran phasayan reh gaeyan(we didn’t get cold drinks we were unable to burp).

Engineers (Americans vs us)

White people when they see an engineer: hey you are an engineer you must be having good knowledge about machines while we Pakistanis say: berozgaar(unemployed).
This is so true that engineers in our country are jobless and are not valued as they deserve to be. This is a really sad part of the story.

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  1. Hahaha hilarious.
    Such humorous content should be projected because they bring fun and humour in difficult times and bring smile on anyone’s face.
    Keep up the good work my girl❤

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