Americans vs Pakistanis

There are many things regarding Americans vs Pakistanis. People from both regions have a varying sense of humor and react differently to situations. Recently many memes have gained popularity which included comparing behaviors of citizens.

Break up (Americans vs Pakistanis)

when things are not working out between two people Americans say: let’s break up.
While Pakistani: phupo ae theen sotay Huy ring pehna kar Chali gaen(aunt came and wore the ring on my fingers while I was sleeping).
Phupo ka shafeeq is always there when the whole world leaves you. Phupo is equally excited to accept the girl as her daughter in law.

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Red dress

When an old woman tries red dress Americans: yeah you are still so young. Girl go for it
Pakistanis: Umar Dekho shoq Dekho borhi Ghori laal lgaam( her age does not compliment her dressing. She is so over and seeking attention).

When your child fails a test

When your child fails test Americans be like hey cheer up. Try hard next time
Pakistanis: enu sabzi di rerhi lwaa do workshaap tay khra kardo enu lakh nai aanda( he should be selling fruits, he deserves working at a workshop as he knows nothing).


When you have a good voice and love singing songs Americans be like hey you are a vocalist that’s so sweet of you
While Pakistanis: ay maraasi ay tablay wjaanda ay (he is a Bagger and plays stupid things).


When you are online late at night Americans be like hey are you okay. Are you having a hard time sleeping?
Pakistanis: rat kay 3 baj gaye hen is waqt tak online ho kya seen hay bae(it’s so late you are still online. What’s the matter).


When you are getting engaged Americans be like hey congratulations happy for you
But we Pakistanis be like roti khwaa(meal please) or ye andha hay jo tumsy shadi kar RHA hay aqlon paydal bechaara( is he blind poor dude).


When exams are near Americans be like hey study hard. You are gonna crack this too
While us: ALLAH pass karae ga har page par parh kar phook Mari hay(ALLAH will help me I have chanted HIS name).


When Americans have zero preparations for the test: mam sorry I didn’t prepare the test
While Pakistanis: madam wo dada Abu ki death hogae(mam grandfather passed away).


When a white kid falls sick they try medications but Pakistani parents love to assume that isay Nazar lag Gayi hay mirchaan waariyan tay theek hoye ga(he is sick due to people evil eyes I will use chilies for cure).

When you look good

When you look good Americans compliment you by saying hey you are slaying while Pakistanis say katai zehar lag rahi ho(you look stunning).


When Americans propose they say hey will you marry you while Pakistanis say kya mery bachon ki Jannat aapkay qadmon main hay(is my child’s heaven under your feet?


When you deal in veterinary Americans say hey so you are an animal lover
While Pakistanis say ay danger dactar ay tay dangran ch reh danger e ban gya ay( he is an animal doctor and an animal).


When someone asks white girls about their age they tell yes I am 18 years old
While Pakistani girls say wesy main 17 sal ki hoon Magar bay foam main 25 lakhi hui hay(I am 17 but my birth certificate says 25 by mistake). Girls will do anything to hide their age.

Physiotherapist (Americans vs Pakistanis)

When someone is a physiotherapist Americans say so you are a physiotherapist that’s so col
But we Pakistanis say ay maalshi ay hehehe (he is a massager lol).

Mobile battery

When someone asks Americans about their mobile battery they answer with hjey it’s pretty good actually But we Pakistanis say Kal rat say charge kea Hua hay khud hi hisaab lga lo(I have charged it yesterday night you can tell now).

Praising pictures (Americans vs Pakistanis)

While praising pictures Americans say hey you look so gorgeous in that picture
But we Pakistanis say yar itni achi tasveer lag hi nahi Raha tum ho (such a good picture it doesn’t seem like it’s you).

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