A Sensitive Novelistic Girl

(A Sensitive Novelistic Girl) Sunrays were banging on her face and turning her cheeks to cheery red. But this redness and blush were not only due to the sun instead there were many factors responsible for it.

Jannat kay pattay (A Sensitive Novelistic Girl)

Facing the window, she was sitting on the chair with her favorite novel in her lap. She was re-reading Nimra Ahmad’s JANNAT KAY PATTAY. Her mother’s slap on her occiput was enough to bring her back to her senses.

“Syllabus ki kitaaben mohtarma ko raas nahin aten or ye rangeen novel jitnay marzi parhwa lo” (lazy buffoon is not interested in her curricular books but is keen to waste time on romantic novels)

She took her bag and headed towards college. In college, the teacher scolded her for not answering her roll call. Most of the time she was in turkey with her prince charming (Cihan Sikander). To avoid her mother’s interruption she used to hide her novels in her books. Her naïve mother was not wise enough to comprehend that she was constantly getting fooled.

Girls in her college were of many varieties. Some were called nerds as these were ambitious enough to study dry subjects. Some were fairies and their sparkling beauty was enough to steal any boy’s heart. Other’s eyes were enough to turn anyone’s world upside down. Isolated from all, she was sitting in a corner with her novel. She was the least talkative and used to prefer loneliness.

Passing by a local shop she was imagining herself in TAKSIM square of turkey and the girl who just passed by her was Ayeshay gul for her. Her cousin (phopo ka shafeeq) claimed to be mad about her but she cared less. She was searching for her Cihan Sikander.

Her marriage was fixed with phuppo ka Shafeeq and his bateesi (the whole set of 32 teeth) was enough to convey his unconditional love for her .her opinion was not given importance as everyone else was happy. Just like every other sanskari larki, she was not allowed to oppose her father’s decision. Somehow the marriage happened. She was forced to smile for the sake of good wedding pictures.

Fairy tales/humorous tale (A Sensitive Novelistic Girl)

Few days after marriage, Shafeeq’s unconditional and indivisible love was turning pages of a novel that was even not written by any writer as it was going to be a new plot meant to depict her upcoming life. Shafeeq was not as handsome as her Cihan Sikander but his pure heart and trustworthy nature compelled her to fall head over heels for him.

Benefits of reading romance novels (A Sensitive Novelistic Girl)

This marriage made her realize that you can be the heroine of your life even without having broad blue eyes with thickened curly lashes, a high bridged nose, rose petal lips, lanky neck, sharp clavicles, and European tone. And likewise, u can have a hero not having the masculine body, driving Rolls Royce with his left hand wearing the Rolex watch. She was a simple girl who was married to an average boy, but this match made her feel like a HEROINE by that average looking boy. Now it was her turn to admit the HEROIC nature of him so that their life would become a new novel.

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  2. Ufffff I’m so much obsessed with this novel but the way you depicted Pakistani moms and all that about her is just beyond words.
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