A Low confident girl / dabbu girl

“Confidence does not mean you are always right rather it means that you are not afraid to be wrong.”

We witness numerous A Low confident girl / dabbu girl around. With legs trembling, hands shaking and heart palpitating she mustered her courage enough to stammer

“Hello….hello every….one. my name ….name is….”

After this traumatizing and perplexing situation, this dabbu girl with low confidence fainted on the stage. Everyone in the hall was flabbergasted by this whole scenario. Some were passing weird comments about her dabbu nature while some were overheard saying

“confidence to Naam ko nahi hay bani pta nahi kya phirti hay .. itny marks score karti hay magar bolny ka dhang har kisi ko nahi aata”(she lacks confidence but is such a brat. Scores great marks but not everyone is a good speaker)

After she gained consciousness she was so remorseful that she wanted to jump off the cliff. Actually, she was the favorite student of her teachers because she was the highest scorer and most creative artist in her class. So teachers assumed she must be confident enough to compare the annual show so they added her name to the list of comparers. But things didn’t work as planned.

She has been the carrier of these kinds of discreditable damages throughout her life. She was suffering from stage fear and social phobia. After this heart-wrenching incident, her teachers turned skeptical about her achievements. They thought that must have used “taweez ganday” (lucky charms) to score the highest marks.

Causes of low confidence/social anxiety

Causes of low confidence/social anxiety are numerous. She was the only child of her parents. Her parents were mostly engaged in office work so she had no one to talk to. She used to spend her leisure time on artwork and studies. Since childhood, she has not been a big fan of conversations and people. Her parents’ business was the leading factor of her low confidence/social anxiety.

work-life imbalance (A Low confident girl / dabbu girl)

The work-life imbalance is the leading cause of problems.  During summers, her cousins used to visit her but she preferred her own company over anything else. She used to sit in her room studying the whole day. She even panicked and felt anxious to receive her winning trophy which was rewarded in acceptance of her extraordinary skills.

introvert habits (A Low confident girl / dabbu girl)

Introvert habits are discussed. just like every introvert she prioritized staying at home during functions just to avoid human interaction. She was the kind of girl who would refuse to take help from others just because she has to say thanks to them .she used to wear earphones while she was in auto because her auto wala was her least favorite human as he was very talkative. Kidding you not, her autowala once sympathized with her parents saying “ALLAH apki beti ko sehat day kisi achay doctor ko dikhaen shayad bolnay lagay (may God bless your daughter with good health . visit a good doctor maybe she will talk then)” as he thought she was deaf and mute.

Happy in quarantine/introvert thing

Being happy in quarantine is an introvert thing. She was the kind of girl who would wear sunglasses obviously not to avoid the sun but to avoid eye contact with fellow humans. Once she was starving and the only option left was to call delivery wala boy for food. But she chose to starve as she was least interested in talking. Evidently, she is the type of girl who is happy in this quarantine.

Stereotypes (A Low confident girl / dabbu girl)

Stereotypes are heard about introverts. This quarantine felt like Christmas to her. She hates this tag as people expect “balle balle (hurrah)” from her side but all she does is drawing and study. She literally stammers while talking to her parents. she hates to answer phone calls as she believes that people talk for hours without any meaningful topic. She offers the best excuses when she is invited to hang out with a bunch of her fellows.

She hopes that she might change her aadam bayzaar(social isolatory)/introvert habits . Maybe someday she will feel comfortable while answering phone calls. In the coming days, she is going to get admission to a university for higher studies. We hope that she overcomes her stage fear and never embarrasses herself again. Someday she will be as confident as her artwork is.

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