7 Plus Annoying Things Short Heighted People Hear

Annoying things short heighted people hear are unimaginable. People love commenting on body types that are variant and different from them. They love giving their opinions which were not even asked in the first place.

Mindset (Annoying things short heighted people hear )

The mindset of people regarding short height is very regressive. People say things like iski height to kaafi Choti reh gae hay ap kay khandaan main to sab achi height kay hen ye bhala kis par Chali gae hay(she is really short heightened while every one of your family is tall height then what is the matter with her).

Putter to lamkyaa Kar Warna Changi jga Rishta Nahi hona kadd to Chota hay tera (kid you should try climbing sometimes, otherwise you will face problems finding suitable proposal due to your short height). They even console you by referring to various doctors who can help you out. Seriously desi aunties have no filter they are more concerned about Rishta stuff than your actual parents.

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During school reunions, you get to hear very cliché lines like tum abi bhi utni hi ho. Lagta Nahi kay university parhti ho school-going lagti ho (you are still the same. Does not seems like you are a university student you look like a kid). When you go to the open door people instantly say kisi baray ko bhejo bachay (call someone older). People tell you that they feel tall with you. They treat you like a kid and you are never taken seriously. Don’t rely on others judgments. 

Actual problems (Annoying things short heighted people hear)

Due to constant judgments, short people feel low. In public places, there are no full-body mirrors for their height. Seems like some really tall dude designed that. For them, the kids section is too short and the ladies section is too long and it feels like designers forgot to made clothes for them. They struggle to reach top shelves and people mock them due to this. People love to rest their arms on their head using them as an armrest and this really annoys. You have to focus on the actual problems not what people say.


Titles are given to you in a very judgemental way . Seems like people feel good about themselves by mocking others who look different from them. They call you chotu tidda and Choti Dunya. They even call you Chota packet bara dhamaka. They love to tease you by making you feel insecure about your height. The famous joke is that ami nay complan Nahi pilaaya (your mother did not give you complan).

Tu bed say gir Kar Bhi suicide Kar Sakti hay(you can suicide by falling from your bed and they giggle after this. When short girls say jab main Choti thi (when I was a kid) people love to add array tum Abbi Bhi Choti hi ho(hey you are still a kid).


Comebacks can be a good weapon to mute people who mock you for your height. When someone says you are short just tell them what they have gained extra due to their extra inches. Tell them if the sky ever falls tall ones will die first.


Perks are also there if you are short heighted. You look cute and people can’t be mad at you. Your cute puppy face helps you get out of problems by melting anyone’s heart. You can shop in the kids’ section. Climbing skills come in handy. You literally look younger than your younger siblings and people are often shocked when you tell them that you are not the youngest. You can easily come in front for selfies as tall people have to stand behind you. You can get fit in weird places. You can sit in cars quite easily than tall people as they face problems sitting in cars because their knees hurt.

Ending remarks (Annoying things short heighted people hear)

Everybody type is best and no one should feel low because of their body. ALLAH created us in the best of forms and it is really idiotic to judge people based on their height. One thing should be kept in mind Choti height masla nahi hay asal masla hamare chooti soch hay (short height is not a problem but our narrow mindset is). These are the ending remarks.

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