5 things to never apply on the face

There are way many things that no one should apply to their face. 5 things to never apply on the face are discussed here.

Bar soaps (5 things to never apply on the face)

Bar soaps are not good for your face. They can be used on the body but using them on the face is not good. The problem here is that many boys and girls use bar soaps for their face and care less about skincare. But here is a thing. Bar soaps cause skin dryness. Chemicals present in local/commercial bar soaps the imbalanced pH of your face providing fertile soil for the growth of notorious bacteria and fungi.

No one wants fungal/bacterial infection so Zara sa lux(little bit lux) should be limited to body usage only. Do not trust bar soaps for face either they are branded or local.

Body moisturizers

Body moisturizers should never be applied to the face. These products are of no harm when used on the body but their use on the face is strictly prohibited due to various reasons. Body moisturizers clog/close pores present on the face. Tiny pores are present on the face to release oil and sweat. When pores are clogged no more oil and sweat is getting out of pores so common outcomes are whiteheads, blackheads, and acne. No one wants acne so avoid using body moisturizers on the face to avoid acne issues.

Lotions claiming body moisturization should be limited to body usage only. People who are dealing with acne problems should avoid body moisturizers on the face as much as they can.

Petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly applied on the face is a common mistake made by many of us. The thing here is that jelly is good for your face but think thrice before applying petroleum on your face. Common mistake people do is that they apply petroleum jelly on lips and face thinking that it will help in moisturizing skin. But frankly speaking, the use of petroleum jelly is overrated as it does nothing good but harm to face.

Petroleum jelly closes pores on your face entrapping sweat and oil that should have been removed if pores were open. Clogged pores lead to various issues discussed above. Admittedly people with acne issues should not rely on petroleum jelly as it worsens the acne in the worst way possible.


5 things to never apply on the face and there is no way that alcohol should be on your face. Some people believe that alcohol massages will help with skin problems but it’s not true. Use of alcohol will cause more oil and sebum production on your face which is worse if you have acne issues. No sane person should fall into this trap.

Whitening creams (5 things to never apply on the face)

Lastly, whitening creams should be avoided if you want healthy skin. In Asia, many brands are enjoying millions of dollars just by selling our insecurities. First, they will show advertisements that a girl is not getting any good in life not because she is not a competent/hard worker but because her face is not that white. This conveys a message that if you are not white enough nobody will love you. Ok so to get acceptance in this racist society apply our stupid whitening cream and change your life.

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After watching brainless advertisements girls and guys fall into this trap and sales of these whitening products touch sky. Brands like Faiza beauty cream, sandal whitening cream, whitening serums, stillmens, and lots and lots of other craps are making money out of our insecurities. Stop using these whitening creams and a sensible person would ask why?

After using these creams your skin will thin to such an extent that blood vessels on your face will be visible. Your organs liver and kidney get damaged. When used in pregnancy these creams lead to defects in newborn babies. These creams cause severe itching and acne issues. Please use products after getting complete know-how about them. Your body is more important than the bank balance of advertisers. Healthy you, healthy world.

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  1. Great content and well written.
    Yes companies play with emotions and then left the person with skin full of acne, scars and all such issues.
    Well addressed like usual!!!

  2. Yes petroleum jelly is very hazardous for your face as it is the extract of petrol…no sane person will apply petrol on face

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