[20 latest] Difficulties of people with glasses

Difficulties of people with glasses are best understood by those who wear them. Struggles start from dusk and continue till dawn. Here are quite a few struggles.

Morning Difficulties of people with glasses

Glasses you put on your side table before sleeping are really hard to find in the morning. Mostly hands those were taping everywhere blindly to search for glasses break alarm clocks. Every morning starts with the sound of something getting cracked. While others struggle to find their cell phones after waking up, people with specs ask themselves ”yaaaaar kahaan rakh dea chashma”(dude where did I put my specs).

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Why glasses suck (Difficulties of people with glasses)

Why glasses suck is debatable. Glasses suck because every time you put makeup on, your glasses find a way to destroy your perfectly done mascara. Your whole world goes upside down when your glasses are lost. Searching for anything without glasses is the worst. You can no longer enjoy hot beverages as their fog covers your eyes.

People demands (Difficulties of people with glasses)

Ye kitni ungliyaan hain(how many fingers are these)is the commonly asked question when you are cleaning your specs. Like dude, I am not that blind. Ye glasses main lgaa loon(can I try these specs)after this question every single person in the room will try your glasses and will leave them in spots. Cleaning and making glasses spotless is literally a struggle no one talks about.
Yaar glasses utaaro selfie Leni hay(remove your glasses we need to take a selfie). In that selfie, you really look like you were tortured to do so. People say that you look beautiful without glasses but you cannot take risk of not wearing glasses otherwise you will end up colliding with strangers.

Awkward moments (Difficulties of people with glasses)

With glasses, you wave strangers thinking that they are waving at you but the reality forces you to jump off the cliff. You cannot enjoy 3d movies as your eyes can bear one glasses at a time. Rainy days become a hot mess as others are praising whether you are busy removing water from your glasses. Sometimes you are lost enough to wash your mouth with glasses on. You are adjusting your glasses even when you are not wearing them. These are kinda awkward moments.

People comments (Difficulties of people with glasses)

People love to comment as assume certain things about you. Itna parhti ho kay ainak hi lag gae(you study so much that you end up wearing specs). Tv kay aur aagay beth(do watch tv by sitting closely). People assume that you are a nerd and start calling you names. My brother asked me to look up and tell what is there I simply said moon. he laughed at me and said, “horr kina aggay wekhna ay Chann ton aggay dekhna ainak laa kay”(how far you wanna look then. Do you want to look what is farther than the moon). He assumed I wore glasses just for fun.

Titles (Difficulties of people with glasses)

Titles or names you get after wearing glasses are “chashmish (with specs) theeti (nerd). People love to mock you by saying “ay andhiii” (hey you blind)this is really annoying. People mock you saying “wo Dekho Wo kya hay “(look what is that). Just to tell you that you cannot look that farther without glasses.

Ending remarks/perks

Besides people’s comments glasses are no fun. They put strains on the eyes, dents on the nose, dark circles under the eyes, and multiple headaches but there are good things about them. You can look stylish by choosing glasses that suit your face shape. No one can steal them as they are of no use to them. You can relate to people who wear glasses too. You look nerd and people instantly assume that you are a smart headed.

Needed invention

Technology should work on making windscreen cleaners for glasses too so that glasses get cleaned on their own. This way sales will be optimized.

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  1. Glasses get cleaned on their own😂😂😂waaah
    Literally people with glasses face problems but some of them definitely look cute depends on the frame they choose.
    Overall article is soo realistic 😄😄

  2. Good observation👍💖
    I also wear glasses and spend most time of day in finding them.😰
    Also called as chashmish and aslo sheeshon wali bus due to large size of frame. 😂

  3. Oh the writer you also fall in this category who can’t even see wind screen while driving without wearing glasses😂😂😂

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